Sagittarius political activism, Bye bye Jupiter

Thursday is Thor’s day in honor of the King of the Planets, Jupiter or Jove. The largest planet governs SAGITTARIUS and PISCES traditionally. As J. spends his last day in 12 years in VIRGO, he is cleaning up as he exits, leaving everything as it was when he entered Virgo. Jupiter has learned to watch his P 7 Q’s, take care of his health, budget and be punctual while in Virgo. 

Jupiter Astrology Tara Greene

He’s off to a new adventure in LIBRA Sept 9 @ 4:18 am PDT.

Today JUPITER is in his glory. The Moon is in SAGITTARIUS since late last night and will remain in the horsey set sign until Sept 10 in the a.m. 

Moon conjuncts SATURN in SAG.

Saturn in SAGITTARIUS governs politics and justice. Sagittarius rules religions. Indigenous natives are peacefully protesting to block the Dakota Access pipeline company from raping and illegally destroying their own sacred lands. The private company attacked Native Americans with dogs and pepper spray as they peacefully resisted the construction of the $3.8 billion pipeline on a sacred tribal burial site. Since September 3rd there is a two-week call for actions against the financial institutions that are bankrolling the Dakota Access pipeline project. A new investigation has revealed more than two dozen major banks and financial institutions are helping finance the DAPL, the Dakota Access pipeline. The investigation was published by the research outlet LittleSis. It details how Bank of America, HSBC, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, ENBRIDGE, and other financial institutions have, combined, extended a $3.75 billion credit line to Energy Transfer Partners, the parent company of Dakota Access. If you deal with these companies or banks write letters of protest. Change banks, credit card companies or service providers. 

There are over 100 tribes represented by 1,000 people who have gathered to protest the illegal pipeline and fracking. A judge has ruled that the pipeline can go ahead. 

Sage Moon wants freedom.

Moon squares NEPTUNE in PISCES

a continued energy from yesterday’s debacle. The hard edge of Saturn may be keenly felt as your faith is tested.

Moon sextiles Venus in LIBRA in the evening

At the end of the day its a romantic time, so cosy up at a sports bar, go for a jog with a friend, a horseback ride, archery lesson, workshop on yoga, ayahuasca medicine or simply a nice date.

Say goodbye to JUPITER in VIRGO. Virgo’s don’t cry into your turmeric latte’s, Jupiter is moving into your solar 12th house now which is very creative and spiritual. More on all signs soon.

When you wake up tomorrow there will be a shift towards peace and balance hopefully. 

If you are a LIBRA this is a big year for you. I have 4 planets in LIBRA and the sign of Libra spans my 11th and 12th houses. Check out where LIBRA is how many LIBRAN planets and the aspects to scope out the relationship situation for the next year. Wherever JUPITER is there is expansion. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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10 thoughts on “Sagittarius political activism, Bye bye Jupiter

  1. Jupiter going into Libra will be in Virgo’s solar second house not it’s twelfth which significantly changes the vibrations you wrote about.

    And hey, not to keep beating a dead horse–but Jupiter in Virgo has a much earthier, more organic, goddess oriented effect than just stimulating the need to be punctual, budget one’s resources and mind one’s health. The transit has brought up enormous issues about women’s rights, the place of the poor and disenfranchised in society, and a call to “get real” about climate change.

    Virgo energies–like the contributions of women over long ages of patriarchal time–have been dismissed and degraded as nit-picking, critical analysis, when in fact Virgo is the sign of synthesis and egalitarianism. It would be great to have more astrologers recognizing and working with the deeper means of this sign which points directly to the human relationship with the divine (the maiden being the only human glyph aside from the Aquarius water-bearer in the Zodiac.) .


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