Quantum conscious leap, double solar eclipse from space

September 1st Solar eclipse as seen from space was a rare Double eclipse of the sun by the earth and the Moon. This creates a quantum consciousness leap.

September 1st as seen from space, NASA’S SOLAR DYNAMICS OBSERVATORY  SDO caught a rare double eclipse when the Earth and Moon lined up recently blocking its view of the Sun. In the video the Earth passes between the SDO and the Sun first while light from the Sun is distorted by the Earth’s atmosphere, making our planet’s edge look fuzzy. Just as the Sun reappears from behind the Earth, the Moon also finishes its transit in front of the Sun. As it has no atmosphere, the edges of the Moon look crisp and sharply defined in comparison with the Sun.

While this unique double eclipse was only visible from space it symbolizes a profoundly important symbolic and spiritual event. It is a quantum consciousness leap as the two feminine bodies, our Earth and the Moon block and change the Electro Magnetic Frequencies from the SUN while it occurred. This signifies the return of the Goddess energies. We absorbed these changes in EMF’s during the Virgo Tropical, LEO SIDEREAL eclipse. This amps up our HIQ. Higher Intelligence Quotient. Did you feel it? 

On a spiritual level, the Sun, planets, and other stars like Arcturus, Sirius, Lyra, and Pleiadian all contain spiritual teachers who note and sense this shift in the Light frequencies. These shifting frequencies affect and uplift everyone’s consciousness and frequencies simultaneously. The Galactic Center, Super Galactic Center, other Black holes, quasars, masers, and the Great Attractor all noted our progress like seismographs note earthquakes.

Do pay Attention to accelerated and heightened growth. Really pay attention to your dreams and to synchronicity. When you meditate tune into the Higher galactic frequencies to tap into the greater picture.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Pisces solar eclipse, Tara Greene


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