Tarot cards Astrology Horoscopes Vlog for September

Every month I present a brief overview of the astrology aspects and a one-card Tarot reading for each sign for the month as part of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency Members extras. I am Agent 129. 

For the month of September, my portion is being presented to help guide you through SEPTEMBER’s tempestuous eclipse season. You can get an appeteaser of what you are missing by not being a member of the CIA. The CIA is a top notch Astrology site with some of the best astrologers on the planet writing for and serving its members. The CIA raised the bar in presenting enriching enlightening insightful cosmic guidance from a host of Agents from all over the world. The CIA has just launched a Portuguese language site as well. 

Please JOIN and support the CIA and receive extra lessons, insights, and benefits. 

Get a reading from me for personal guidance for how the eclipse season is affecting you.   http://www.taratarot.com

My September Astrology and Tarot card reading for each sign




3 thoughts on “Tarot cards Astrology Horoscopes Vlog for September

  1. Thank you Tara, listened to the entire message. I have those cards so it was nice to hear your interpretations. I hope you have a great September xx


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