North Node,Mars,Sirius, Mercury Retrograde to do

Mars is squaring the North Node and South Node Aug 29-30 at 12 degrees + Sagittarius.

Mars square Nodes Tara Greene astrology

The Offering by Virgo Paraiso 2011 

These are karmic times my friends. “Pre-eclipsea” makes one feel quite exhausted. Are you feeling it? I am. 

Mars is exactly on my natal Moon in my first house so I am feeling irritated, impatient, energized and tired at the same time and need time to reflect. 

This Mars North Node aspect inconjuncts the U.S. SUN and Sirius at 12-13 degrees CANCER.

In Chinese astronomy SIRIUS is known as the “celestial wolf”. It is known as dog face, or Coyote Star by indigenous Native Americans. Colloquially known as the Dog Star in our times.  The star is called Ka’ulua, “Queen of Heaven” in Maori of New Zealand. 

Several cultures also associated the star with a bow and arrows. The Ancient Chinese visualized a large bow and arrow across the southern sky, formed by the constellations of Puppis and Canis Major. In this, the arrow tip is pointed at the wolf Sirius.

A similar association is depicted in the Temple of Hathor in Dendera, where the goddess Satet has drawn her arrow at Hathor (Sirius). Known as “Tir”, the star was portrayed as the arrow itself in later Persian culture.

The bow and arrow symbol fits Mars position in Sagittarius perfectly. What are you aiming for? The North Node is our collective highest growth and spiritual goal now at 12+ degrees of VIRGO. Aim higher. 

Astrologer John Sandbach illuminates 13 degrees of Sagittarius with these images:

“Pleiadian Symbol: A past life appears suddenly with crystal clarity.

Azoth Symbol: Looking up, a woman sees a butterfly alighting on the outside of a glass dome.

The North Node at 13 Virgo 

A meteorite with the edges worn smooth. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: LEUVIAH (LOO-vee-YAH) Dialing God, Expansive Intelligence/Fruition

Pleiadian Symbol: An angel of harmony comes to clear away confusion.

Azoth Symbol: Many bridges connecting the two halves of a city.”

The MARS nodal Sirius inconjunct is asking us to pull together all of these symbols. Think about having a wolf’s instincts; about belonging to the pack; loyalty- wolves mate for life. Think about having a dog’s heart which is so fiercely loyal and unselfishly loving. Think about this bright star as The Queen of Heaven. Think about your past life, the SOUTH NODE in PISCES of course, think about transformation, cosmic bridging and the angel of harmony. 

Visualize and integrate all of these qualities.  Experiment and play with them. You will find answers. Ask the Star Sirius to guide you. Make a poem about the symbols. 

The coyote reference is very synchronous as Mercury Retrograde begins.

Mercury is the planet of communication and thieves or tricksters. The Trickster planet is turning RETROGRADE Aug 30 in VIRGO. The trickster will be playing practical jokes on us all in the communication realms. Think of Wile E. Coyote of Looney Tunes.

This Retrograde will be particularly difficult because Mercury is in one of his home signs of Virgo which is all about details, order organization, worry and OCD. 

DO: Double, triple, quadruple check everything. You may think you are about to lose your mind or having an early onset of Alzheimer’s but remember its only Mercury playing mind games with us.

DON’T: Panic if things aren’t perfect and don’t go according to plan. Mercury Retrogrades are to lay back and relax and do all the Rx things. It is good medicine. NEVER FEAR mercury retrograde. 

Make an offering to the North Node and to Mars to guide you by the light of the stars. Sirius was always the brightest navigation star.  By sheer synchronicity I discover this amazing artist Virgo Paraiso. 

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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7 thoughts on “North Node,Mars,Sirius, Mercury Retrograde to do

  1. Hello Tara, Recently you have crossed my path and I’ve subscribed to your cosmic writings.  I just wanted to say Thank You!!  I really connect to what you see, describe and write.  I especially love the deeper connections into the mythic stories, archetypes and symbols (i.e. Ma’at yesterday & wolf today).  My sun is 13 degrees Cancer right near Sirius & Nodes are 14 degrees with Eris at 12.  I am honing in on your suggestion to do an offering.  Thank you again!!  Om Shanti,Charisse

     Charisse Crisci MBA, CYT, CTPYoga Therapist, TeacherYoung Living Distributor; Member No. 871502www/ WEEKLY CLASSES:Embodiment & Flow Yoga      Thur. 9:30-10:45, Shine Yoga, Batavia     Fri.  9:30-10:45, Abhyaasa Yoga, NapervilleWomen’s Circle/Goddess Wisdom Teachings    Mon Evening  6:30-8:00, Geneva home By Appointment:Yoga Therapy; Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Life TransitionThai Bodywork Healing: For Emotional & Energetic Clearing & Physical Relief   Private & Semi-Private Yoga/Corporate Yoga/Retreats “Seek the Wisdom that will untie your knot, Seek the path that demands your whole Being.  Leave that which is not, but appears to be.  Seek that which is, but is not apparent.”   ~Rumi 

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  2. You are right, restless and just in the dump. Need to regroup.

    Thanks you for posting.

    On Tuesday, August 30, 2016, Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic and everything you need wrote:

    > Tara Greene posted: “Mars is squaring the North Node > and South Node Aug 29-30 at 12 degrees + Sagittarius. The Offering by Virgo > Paraiso 2011 These are karmic times my friends. “Pre-eclipsea” makes one > feel quite exhausted. Are you feeling it? I am. Mars is exactly o” >

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  3. Hi Tara,

    The beginning of the month I was house sitting for my friend. I was talking to my mother about all the signs I had been experiencing. As I was in the middle of my conversation I looked out the window and saw a huge coyote run down the street. Another sign. Earlier that day I had gone to a client’s house and it turned out that it was the 33rd anniversary of her sister’s murder. My client’s boyfriend was the person who killed her sister. My client has been racked by guilt for the past 33 years. I told Barbara that her sister had sent me to her that day and that she wants her to know that she is at peace and wants Barbara to be free of the burden of guilt and remorse. I helped her and it felt wonderful that my prayers to be of service are being answered this way. My client would love to talk to someone who facilitate a connection with her sister. Would that be you? By the way Barbara also has a husky that looks just like a wolf. I hadn’t even thought of that until just now. I really enjoy your articles.



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