Monday Astrology, pre-eclipse prep

August 29, We are heading towards our fate on September 1st New Moon Solar Eclipse at 9+ degrees VIRGO. We need to be mindful of this and prepare for a Karmic shift. Eclipses always mark major turning points on all levels every 19 years.

 Moon enters LEO in the wee hours and our night dreams are dramatic, wild and passionate. 

Monday roars in and LA LUNA in LEO affects our moods making us more courageous, daring and self-centered. Leo rules the heart chakra and the will. Be open-hearted, and act with largesse. Beware of ego battles and being upstaged.  Then the makes no aspects until past dinner time PDT.

Then the moon makes no aspects until past dinner time PDT.


her home sign where she is happiest being the Queen SOCIAL BEE until September 23 when she enters SUPER SEXY SCORPIO.  Venus is the herald for JUPITER Which will enter LIBRA as well September 9th and stay in the sign of co-operation, peace,and balance until October 2017.   

Our focus is going to be all about those RELATIONSHIPS baby.  VENUS IN LIBRA  bringing sexy back as she is THE LOVE GODDESS IN HER ELEMENT.

VENUS rules all things of BEAUTY, Love, Money, Luxury, Women, Values, Relationships, Justice, you know all the most important stuff!

Check out where the sign and cusp of LIBRA is in your natal chart- that’s where the love balancing act is coming to you.

If you were born with VENUS in LIBRA, like I was, then you get to have a Venus Return, a new cycle of love, abundance, socializing and art!

LIBRA was the constellation/sign of the great Goddess Ma’at who weighed the deceased heart against her ostrich feather diadem in her scales of karmic justice. If one’s heart was heavier than a feather then a soul had to return to earth until its heart was light enough. 

The Archetypal balancer, symbol of Justice, karma, the sign of the 7th house and marriage.  LIBRA is an AIR sign and loves to talk about relationships, think about love, analyze it. It’s not exactly such a touchy-feely emotional sign. They are supposedly peaceful and balanced but they aren’t, they are SEEKING to find it.

ALL AIR SIGNS have this dual nature and dual symbolism, Gemini, Libra, and AQUARIUS.

In the TAROT, LIBRA is TRUMP # 8/ sometimes #11 interchangeable. 

Justice Tarot Trump Tara Greene

LIBRA/ Justice/ Goddess Ma’at

This is a dualistic universe. Find the peaceful place, the middle ground, or pillar, and hold the tension of the opposites, that’s what psychologist Carl Jung said.

LIBRA will usher in tons fo social engagements. They are social  butterflies who need people, and can become overly dependent on others’ opinions.

Libra is a great counselor, so good at viewing both sides of anything but they find it hard to make up their mind about anything. They can lose themselves in trying to appear NICE at any cost.

Libran’s often work as Event planners, decorators, designers, artistic pursuits, in the beauty, fashion and arts industries,or human resources. They are good listeners, chatty and charming. They make great counselors, ambassadors and deal makers. Many lawyers also have Libra strongly in their charts.

VENUS peeps known for their beauty, and love of it, grace, often good singers,

Who has Venus in Libra? – Beyonce, who just scored Big time in her performance and her wins at the MTV awards VEnus in Libra Beyonce

                                                   model  Claudia Shiffer, Claudia Shiffer Guess

Shania Twain famous Canadian pop and country singer ,Shania Twain VEnus In Libra

actress Emma Stone, Anna Nicole Smith, 

famous Hollywood beauties Grace Kelly and  Rita Hayworth,

Rita HayworthRita Hayworth 

beautiful Vivienne Leigh of Gone with the Wind fame.

And some very Handsome men that ladies adore

Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling astrology

the ever charming Will Smith, Richard Gere, Sean Connery, Viggo Mortensen, Michael Douglas, Colin Firth, Mathew McConaughey,Matthew McConaughey astrology

Mathew McConaughey in Magic Mike

former President Bill Clinton, Prince Harry, and Someone noted for creating beauty Pablo Picasso.

Tell me all about your Libran lovers, friends and what you know about LIBRA….


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