It was the best of times… Astrology

Yes, Aug 27 is considered to be one of the best days of the year according to the planets. It’s all about DIVINE TIMING. 

Jupiter Venus astrology Tara Greene

I don’t know who to credit for this image

Under a very sentimental emotional CANCER nurturing Moon, and VENUS conjunct JUPITER in VIRGO it’s time to think about our homes, personal and our collective mutual home planet the EARTH.  

Virgo is the sign of service, it’s the clean up, organize, reap the harvest sign. Cancer is giving, unconditional milk of human kindness loving sign. We need to look at our Mother the earth and how we have been treating her. Reaping means karma, and we are also in the midst of the SATURN {Karma} in Sagittarius- Neptune in PISCES {Oil, delusions, escapism, martyrdom, addictions, glamor} square.

There is a Goddess/pagan/wiccan/ witchy, song I learned many years ago.

“The Earth is our mother, she will take care of us

The Earth is our mother, she will take care of us,

Hey Yanna, Ho Yana, Hey Yanna,  Hey Yanna, Ho Yanna, Hey Yanna,

Her sacred ground we walk upon with every breath we take , repeat.

Hey Yanna, Ho Yanna, Hey Yanna, repeat.

The Earth is our Mother, We must take care of her, The Earth is our Mother, we must take care of her.

The Earth is our Mother, we must take care of her.

Hey Yanna, Ho Yanna, Hey Yanna, repeat. 

There are many indigenous tribes fighting against oil pipeline expansion in the U.S. Canada, Brazil, all over the world. There was just the 4th oil spill in the Amazon in Peru endangering indigenous natives and habitat there. 

Let’s collectively turn this energy into rationally analyzing and actually accounting for the price everyone pays for “cheap gas” or convenience of plastics and the situation of how Big Oil, and Big Corporations are raping the earth and endangering everyone’s future. There is modern technology that could work way more efficiently as well as ancient simple technologies as well. Oil dependency is a 20th-century concept whose time has gone. We are almost 17 years into a new millennium. 

The Moon sextiles the SUN and inconjuncts Saturn

 This is where we need to examine how we run our homes, what we want home to be, what family is, and what the future responsibility is.

Moon trines NEPTUNE-

We need to be facing our addictions to fantasy; Pokemon, porn, shopping, ignorance, glamour, self-sabotage, false gurus, pretense on all levels in our culture. 

Yes the VENUS-JUPITER Conjunction is at 3:29 pm PDT 6:29 pm EDT/ 10:29 pm GMT

celebrate that one.  A glass of wine is a must. VIRGO is the harvest Jupiter is rather Dionysian. An excellent night to meet people, get earthy, clean, share a great meal all organic, hand-made and simple.

All of this VIRGO overload is about simplicity, humility, living with less.

Cancer Moon inconjuncts MARS in SAGITTARIUS

yes the TRUTH may hurt. Don’t try to fence in a Mars in SAGITTARIUS who wants to leave and be free. It won’t work no matter how much you plead and cry. The old tyme mom home, women in the kitchen, all nurturing motherly type won’t fly anymore either.

Cancer Moon opposes PLUT0  in PDT/ Aug 28 EDT


FEMALE Power struggles. Women need to rise up and stand up to their own power.  The people are the MOON, the moods, the pulse, the feelings, women. The home is governed by women and the Moon.  America and Canada are both CANCERIAN countries born in July.

 PLUTO is the PLUTOCRACY and also the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS.  We need to find our emotional safety and comfort within ourselves and our groups.  We need to examine what we want to nurture and support in this collective and what “does not grow corn.” A Native American metaphor that is very Virgo. Cancer Moon is water and our water rights are being eroded now. Water is what we are made of.

 How much power should the government- also a Plutocracy have to say about women? 

Spend time reflecting on these powerful energies. Stay very grounded. 

The question to ask is “How can I be of the highest service to the earth and to my family?

more good aspects Aug 28/29  as MERCURY and VENUS conjunct .

VENUS is in the last degrees of VIRGO squaring Galactic CENTER a great time to tune into your body and gut instincts to hear the music of the spheres within you.

Trust your gut and your heart while the Moon is in Cancer.

Spend time in nature and visiting family. 

Be blessed. Send prayers to Mother Earth

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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  1. I love your eclectic approach to astrology and read your blog faithfully. FYI the song, The Earth is our Mother is an adaptation of an traditional Native American song. I don’t remember which nation, though.

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