Test by fire or desire.

The Moon is in sensuous earthy Taurus Aug 22-24 and we feel more grounded. August 23 is a day when the Bull has us by the horns. The horns of the Bull have from ancient times symbolized the Goddess, Her worship and the Moon’s cycles of waxing and waning itself.
Taurus,Astrology, Mythology Tara Greene
The Taurus Moon inconjuncts {150 degree aspect} both MARS and SATURN.
Taurus moon mooves slowly plodding along, needing safety, security, and a solid guarantee that its’ creature comforts will be met. Taurus, a Fixed sign, dislikes changes.
Burning mad, aggressive warrior MARS in fiery Sagittarius and heavy, serious SATURN, the planet of karma and death, in Sagittarius are the Swords/ Wands, of Truth. Thes planets are the apex of the Bullfighter’s aggressive, stabs at the moments of destiny for the fighter or the Bull.
2 of sword, astrology Tara Greene2 of wands Tarot Tara Greene
2 of swords, Tarot of the Ages                 2 of Wands, Path of Life Tarot
What will this moment of truth and justice hold for you? We are both the mythological Minotaur, the half human-half Bull creature who symbolizes the bestial, animalistic, selfish, “eat or be eaten” survival mode parts of ourselves. The human half is our higher conscious, ethical and compassionate ability to think and reason mind. The Mythological Minotaur eats anyone who comes into the Labyrinth which is on the greek Island of Crete.  
We are also the Bullfighter archetype; the heroic macho stylized killer who outwits the savage beast. The unfortunate bull is sacrificed to prove human superiority over the wild beastly parts of ourselves. Psychologically and compassionately this is a very bad playing out of “good” versus “evil.”  It is extremely narcissistic, archaic and creates needless suffering for a poor beast. The crowds are bloodthirsty and revel in very low-level vibrations at the spectacle. Often the bullfighters get gored and are seriously wounded or killed during the fight. There aren’t very many bullfights left in the world.  Sagittarius is a fire sign and the 2 of wands suits this planetary picture now.
Taurus moon sextiles Neptune in PISCES
Let that Bull go and enjoy his life, grazing, procreating and smelling the roses, like Ferdinand. Compassion rules. Release the bulls, let them roam free. Let our own simple animal instincts be free as well.
A very powerful Sensuous EARTH trine from Moon to PLUTO crowns the day. 
This aspect encourages us to really enjoy life on the physical plane. This is the Garden of Eden, Taurus Moon helps us to really enjoy its earthly delights.
Pluto is Lord of Riches, eat well, slowly, noticing every taste and texture. Slow down and smell the roses, notice the sensuality and vibration of everything around you. Indulge in beautiful things, massages, pure aromatherapy oils, fine wine, making love. Noticing how much beauty there is in nature, in the world and everywhere you look. 
REMEMBER on AUGUST 24 that MARS and SATURN conjunct at 9+ degrees SAGITTARIUS on ANTARES, This is One of the hardest most bad-ass aspects there is. More sooner. Squared by NEPTUNE in PISCES. You gotta have FAITH.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of  Tara Greene.
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