Triple Virgo organization day, September primer.

Aug 22. It’s a super VIRGO celebration day. The Sun enters VIRGO @ 9:38 am PDT/12:38 pm EDT/4:38 pm GMT.

HELLO VIRGO!  This VIRGO energy for MANIFESTATION will be in effect until the end of SEPTEMBER so pay attention. VIRGO is the largest constellation in the Zodiac. Virgo is the Great MOTHER Gaia, Pachamama, she brings forth all life on planet earth and in the cosmos. She was revered from before time began. We need to revere her now more than ever before if we, her children will survive.

Virgo the Virgin Goddess

Virgo by Tara Greene a very large constellation. she rules service to others, discipline intelligence.rules the intestinal tract

Mercury, currently in Virgo, governs Virgo and GEMINI. The Sun is bringing our consciouness through Virgo’s energies along with Venus and JUPITER.

Aug. 22 is a TRIPLY MEGA VIRGO DAY as Mercury and Jupiter conjunct @ 2:05 am PDT/ 5:05 am EDT/ 9:05 am GMT @ 26+ degrees VIRGO and squaring the Galactic Center at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS. 

The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction and the Square opens our minds up to vast swathes of intelligence and mystical information. These two planets BeKnight and bequeath us with the super powers of scrutiny, and dissection to analyze any situation wisely. We have a very broad band of imagination to explore. It’s a special galactic thinking cap which makes us extra smart and critical. Many people could use this. 

SLO-Mo Mercury

MERCURY is also moving at virtual snail’s pace slowing down for his third Retrograde turn this year starting August 30th. MERCURY moving this slowly allows us to see every detail in HD. FYI, we get an added BONUS 4th Retrograde this year too. 

MERCURY + JUPITER helps us to be extremely focused on results, the harvest, the fruits of our labors. This is the Supreme Accountant who’s energies will keep us accountable, humble and hard working. We love to be of service. We need to find the work that enables us to follow our bliss and be of service to others to get real satisfaction. No more daily grind for the big bucks. We are yearning for satisfaction, devotion, and skill in perfecting our techniques. We need to be honing the razor’s edge to reap the greatest rewards in a selfless way. The balance sheet in all areas of our lives must add up now or else be rebudgeted, reworked or discarded.

We can achieve the laser-like ability to see what was ignored in plain sight as the truth dawns on us. Jupiter grants us extravagant powers of knowledge, wit, wisdom and largesse. 

Thank you JUPITER. Can I get a Hallelujah? 

This aspect helps us to focus on our health, on our daily routine, having discipline and  fun. What a winning combo. 

With the SUN entering VIRGO on this triply and more VIRGO day 

Celebrate all of your VIRGO friends, relatives and colleagues. 

Celebrate the Virgo aspects of yourself that you have in your Natal Chart. Yes you too, have a Virgo House in your Natal chart, if not planets.  Where is 26+ degrees VIRGO in your natal chart and all the upcoming Virgo overload?



The Merc Jupiter + conjunction is in your 6th and the natural placement for VIRGO. Expand you field of expertise. Drop the fast foods and pay attention to your diet and health. Focus on the end result before you jump ahead. Organize your thoughts.


Merc/Jupiter conjunction + is in your 5th house of creativity and love affairs. Be more discerning about what your sensual nature and drives are. Make smarter decisions in love. Think before you get involved. You can afford to take a risk sometimes. 


Merc Jupiter conjunction + is in your 4th house. This is very good for all Gemini’s. Expand your home base, self-esteem and education. Your brain is working overtime. Stay grounded by exercising. Watch your diet. Question work satisfaction levels.


Merc Jupiter conjunction + is in your 3rd house. This really concerns your ability to speak your mind, to say what it is your feel rationally and objectively. Organize your environment. Catch up on reading. Do some scrapbooking. Talk to a family member. 


The Merc Jupiter conjunction + is in your 2nd house. Self-esteem and brains go together. You are more than a dramatic, dynamic leader. The discipline to hone your craft is very strong now. Reap the rewards, money, acclaim and intellectual prowess.


Virgo, art, Astrology, Tara Greene

 Virgo, from the Signs of the Zodiac (oil on canvas)  by Jordaens, Jacob (1593-1678)  Palais du Luxembourg, Paris, France   

This is in your solar first house of ME. This is a bang-up way to end your best year in 12. Expand on all levels. It is very fertile if you want to expand family, business or any venture. Loosen the wallet a bit you can afford to spend now. There is still more.

AUGUST 27: Venus and Jupiter meet. Mercury and Venus team up Aug 28/29. Mercury Goes Retrograde  on the 30th and the BIG Solar

AUG 28/29 Mercury and Venus team up. This is a VIRGO LOVE IN.

Mercury Goes Retrograde on the 30th @ 29+ degrees the most critical one.

The BIG Solar Eclipse Sept 1st is in VIRGO at 9+ degrees square SATURN exactly.  

YOU will be tested. You will grow up, get serious, make a huge commitment to yourself, the earth, those you love, your work, community and your body.  


This is a time to rethink, retool, rehash, rest, and review before moving ahead on the EQUINOX>.

Sept. 2 Mercury conjuncts JUPITER  Retrograde- you get to do this again backwards,  You get to deja vu the Aug 22  energy.


 this is a VIRGO dream come true. A PISCES bring your dreams down to earth.  

Sept. 6/7 The Next BIGGEST HIT VIRGO SUN trines PLUTO in CAPRICORN = wealth.

Sept. 12 SUN CONJUNCTS MERCURY @ 20+ degrees VIRGO RETROGRADE  and Mercury squares MARS in SAGITTARIUS  expands and contracts. Defend an ideal and dont be afraid to have your day in court. 

SEPT 16 PISCES LUNAR ECLIPSE @ 24+ degrees includes the SUN in VIRGO and square the Galactic Center

Spiritual emotional and metaphysical issues that were hidden appear as real as day. The earth will speak, our bodies will tell us and guide us. We can commune with the cosmic source to guide us in our ways wisely.

Sept. 20 MERCURY TRINES PLUTO Retrograde- very rich

SEPT 21/22 Mercury goes DIRECT @ 14+ degrees VIRGO.

All systems plans and rewrite go forwards now. 

Sept 23 Mercury trines  Pluto again direct- You get this again direct.


In your 12th house, Mercury/Jupiter bring up skills, ways, and means to balance your fears of being alone, unlovable or exposed. Trust your instincts instead of other people’s opinions. Free yourself from old fears and phobias. 


Merc Jupiter conjunction in your 11th house allows you to connect with a tribe who share similar intense views. Use your innate powers of scrutiny to contribute. A breathing space from your intense obsessive emotions is good for your health. 


Merc Jupiter conjunction in your 10th house of career. Jupiter,your ruling planet brings good luck. Ground those grand ideas, “Make it so.” Finish it. Brilliant insights combining practical and metaphysical solutions. Pay attention to synchronicities. 


Merc Jupiter conjunction brings travel for business and pleasure. Get a grip on understanding all details of your business. Be honest, straightforward, humble, ethical and accountable. Laugh a little, it’s good for your health. Health is wealth.


Merc Jupiter conjunction is in your 8th house. Transform any too “New Agey” ungrounded insights into projects with a budget, managers, a solid foundation. Your inventions and ideas must be pragmatic. Your mind will be working overtime. 


Merc Jupiter conjunction in your 9th house.Expand your educational goals rather than just drifting in dreams. Take charge of your budget, and all addictions. Be honest with yourself. Build a real dream however humble. ” It’s better to manifest a little something than nothing at all.'”- You can quote me on that. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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