Playing with fire trines, bye Leo

Under a Super HOT ARIES MOON and the last degree of LEO SUN.

Leo, Regulus, Astrology, tara Greene

The 29th degree in LEO was traditionally the place of the Fixed Star REGULUS the Heart of The Lion. This is the most POTENT and critical degree of LEO. Be the King or Queen for a day. Bring it on. Bang a Gong, Get it ON! Move your groove. PARTY ON, upstage the world.

It’s an improptu, energized, spontaneous SUNDAY 

Icarus, Astrology Tara Greene

so make good use of all the excess ARIES fightin’ Lunar energy and take care of all kinds of chores.

But do be careful around the BBQ and other hot, or explosive things, campfires etc. 



This can be too much heavy fire. Mars is aggressive and Rules the Moon when it’s in Aries {and Scorpio]. Mars and SATURN the 2 malefics are getting ready for a hot and inspiring Truth or dare meeting on Aug. 24th. Which could be considered The WORST day of the year before the 27th  VENUS JUPITER conjunction in VIRGO which I told ya about already. I gave you the Good news first. 

See this is a preview of the types of energy you may encounter then. I’ll get to it in a moment.

The temptation is to move too fast, be too aggressive and maybe overshoot the mark. 

Remember this is a lot of playing with fire. Aries Moon is very cocky.

The Moon squares Pluto for another one of those Cardinal Crosses, remember those?

Then the Moon inconjuncts Venus in VIRGO in PDT/ AUg 22 in EDT and GMT 

kinda like the fall after the high flying ICARUS who flew too close to the SUN.

Don’t get your wings burned.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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PLAY WITH FIRE- The Rolling Stones 1965

Slow Down by Larry Williams


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