Usain Bolt, Saturn Return Alchemy

The SATURN return that everyone experiences between 29-30 is not something to be feared or always that difficult. SATURN gives rewards to those who work very hard, who sweat and toil, who are very disciplined and focus on their goals and worldly achievement. 

Witness Usain Bolt, who has just turned 29, born August 21, 1986 in Jamaica, who has just had his first Saturn Return. He has just won his 9th Gold Olympic Medal. He has done Saturn proud. It is real. Saturn is also lead. Bolt is an alchemist who has turned lead into the Gold.

Usain “Lightning” Bolt-“name destiny”- just ended his Olympic career by claiming an unprecedented ‘triple triple.” He has won the 100m and 200m in Rio and is the only man to win all three sprint events at three Games. Bolt is considered to be the fastest human ever. 

Do not fear your Saturn Return. Work towards a strong goal, work hard. You will be tested. You can manifest your alchemy too. 

Need help and guidance to get you through it?


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