Best day of the year, manifest it

AUGUST 27 Mark this date down. The planet of LOVE & Beauty and the planet of Optimism & Expansion, goodwill, and Luck, Venus and JUPITER meet up at 27+ Virgo. These two planets are the blessings givers, two beneficial planets, and together they pour on the Blessings. In Numerology it is 8/ 9/ 9.

Heaven on Earth, tara Greene astrology

Al Neaimi The Unconditional Lovers


I say YES and YES!

PLUS Planet Mercury the communicator at 28 degrees Virgo is amplifying and spreading the word across the universe about this great cosmic message.


This is a very high,very beautiful cosmic connection to SOURCE, to our galactic origins. The G.C. is the Great Cosmic Mother’s vagina, the womb of creation, the symbol of the origins of everything in this Galaxy and the Universe. We are Star seeds, Lightworkers,  Higher Dimensional beings.  As Virgo rules the intestines, you will literally feel this message in your body, in your guts.  Just listen to  your body and you will hear,feel,and sense the cosmic pulse. You are an immortal being of love and infinite abundance.

This is a cosmic and earthly bounty, a harvest of LOVE and ABUNDANCE, the riches, of this Garden of Eden. This is HEAVEN ON EARTH.

Truly one of the best aspects of the year. Virgo, the 6th sign, is a feminine earth, mutable, receptive sign. Virgo governs health, being of service, work, organization, intelligence, craftsmanship, and pets.

Virgo is the end of the signs relating to personal development issues. It leads into the 7th house, which is traditionally the house of marriage. As we begin to grow past the Horizon line we rise above our beginnings and out unconsciousness to connect with all others and grasp a sense of ourselves as transpersonal beings.

Under a CANCER water receptive Moon  ALL SIGNS just say yes. Open your heart and your soul to Bliss Love and joy. 

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12 thoughts on “Best day of the year, manifest it

  1. Virgo is on the cusp of the 6th House, not 7th House – Libra is on the cusp of the 7th House of marriage & partnership. Virgo rules the 6th House of health & daily routine.


  2. Hi 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your insight on that day, your message and your astrological kowledge confirme my feelings about it. When connecting to it I feel this huge release in the lower body….. like if since that day we are going to be able to feel secure and well installed in our pelvis area…. kind of like we can sit down and relax…. everything is in divine order and that we can just follow the flow, in peace,harmony and joy.
    Yes, lets say YES! to being us! 🙂

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