VENUS opposite Neptune, love has no bounds

Venus was born from the Ocean which is Neptune’s domain. So in many ways this is a nice reconnection to Venus’s, and all our origins in the oceans, in the seas in the salty amniotic fluid of our mother’s wombs. We need to take action to protect our oceans the world water supplies and all sea life. 
These two planets symbolize the balancing act of human imperfect love with the projection of the longed-for return to Source, to Oneness, to a perfect dreamy soul mate lover who are telepathically connected. In general this reality versus the unreal, the illusion are two forces coming to a head in 2016.
In general this reality versus the unreal, the illusion are two forces coming to a head in 2016.
Venus in Virgo is very earthy, grounded love. She is extremely perfectionistic and critical about herself  and everything else. She values  the everyday mundane, maintenance tasks. Venus in Virgo asks you to love your body as your TEMPLE.  Venus in Virgo is a practical Goddess who is intelligent and beautiful. She always gets the job done. Venus in Virgo needs cleanliness, order, a Zen-like tranquility around her. She is a VIRGIN Goddess, whole and complete unto herself. A Venus cherishes beauty she is a practical artist transforming a cast offs into something useful and pretty as DIY projects. She creates with pottery, metals, stones, or enjoys being in and painting nature scenes. Working with natural herbs and a love of reading is what she needs to share with another.  
NEPTUNE in PISCES rules the spirit world and soul mates, and past lives. Everything ephemeral, creative, dreamy, unconscious, from source is Neptune’s  realm. Neptune governs Pisces and rules projection, glamor, illusions. Venus in any sign symbolizes human love. Neptune, Venus’s higher octave symbolizes soul love, spiritual unconditional love that asks for nothing in return. That is the highest form of love. Neptune sees no blemishes, no human frailties. Neptune rules delusions, fantasies, addictions, drugs and escapism of all types. Neptune rules all creativity and creative acts. It is selfless, and can be a martyr, loving the victim “poor me” and the it’s all their fault role. 
With these two planets opposite each other we get a chance to see,on the horizon line.
REAL PRACTICAL LOVE                                                ILLUSION PROJECTION FANTASY 
and with SATURN now direct getting ready to SQUARE NEPTUNE EXACT on September 10 for the 3rd time at 10 degrees SAGITTARIUS-PISCES.  
What is real and what is the fantasy and illusion are easy to see. That doesn’t mean it can be easier because it is easier to believe in a fantasy than to look at ourselves and take Responsibility -SATURN- for creating the love story, and it is a story ourselves. 
The reality checks of love. If it’s real it exists, you know it, you can count on the other person to show up to be dedicated to you to follow through, to back you up. If it isn’t real it isn’t. You are projecting a fantasy of your OWN MAKING onto that person. 
This aspect also deals with addictions, are you or are you in denial? And your health and body care, and your work.
You body is governed by Venus, and in Virgo, this means your health and what you eat.  Are you a secret junk food addict? Look at yourself in the mirror and ask is this ideally how I want to be? Accepting the gap between the illusion and how you really are is healthy too.
 Virgo rules career. Plot out where you are now and what your dream job looks like opposite that and think about and make plans. How do you get from the practical mundane job to the dream job? This helps to  see through the fog and mirrors that Neptune always creates. 
According to Psychologist Carl Jung. This balancing act between any opposition is to balance both points and come to a win-win situation. 
ARE YOU BORN in 1986?
A whole generation turning 30 this year born in 1986 is having their Saturn return and Neptune square SATURN now. I have been consulting with many of them lately. This is a more difficult and often painful Saturn return than most people experience. 
Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. If you understand that this is an aspect your chose to confront from your soul’s perspective now it may help you. I know many of you are feeling the fog and inability to focus and trying to avoid the issues. This is a good time to get objective advice. Please contact me for a compassionate authentic reading.
Please share widely all writing  is copyright of Tara Greene.

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