Video invocation for Athena, Juno, Lilith, Vesta Sacred Astrology

After I posted about the rare Six Goddess Merkaba forming. My fellow Priestess and teacher in California Le’ema Kathleen Graham who is a dancing snake yoga Priestess who I have known for over 25 years, messaged me on FB saying she was so inspired by this that we should make a video together.  It was quite spontaneous.  We discuss what each Goddess means, how to set up your ritual, and do a simple meditation. Please join in and discover what it is like to experience the power of invocation working with the Living Goddesses. They are NOT archetypes. They are calling you to merge your earthly body with their cosmic stellar essence of love.

Here is a giveaway ritual for the rare six Star Goddess Merkaba led by two elder Priestesses imparting their wisdom for this powerful portal forming Aug.13-14.

Please watch on YouTube and LIKE and share widely. DO THE RITUALS yourself for abundance, healing, and blessings for yourself, the earth and participate in anchoring the DIVINE FEMININE energies within you. We are all STAR GODDESSES. ” As above so below” And stay tuned for more juicy online rituals from us! Visit the Priestesses websites..

6 thoughts on “Video invocation for Athena, Juno, Lilith, Vesta Sacred Astrology

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  2. Ritual abundance and healing 24 hour window very good, also clearing and cleaning. Sue

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  3. loved the video and it took away all my confusion about points and whatever…I did find it on YouTube Goddess Merkaba Activation, Lovely to see you Tara and many thanks, bbs nothing I’ve ever done before

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  4. Thank you!!

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