Saturn turns DIRECT, time marches on

August 13. This is a jam packed day of aspects. Are you ready for it?

Under a fiery Sagittarius Moon until later tonight PDT

SATURN turns Direct at 9+ degrees SAGITTARIUS connected with the Fixed Star ANTARES SATURN, Lord of TIME and Karma has been retrograde since March 25 @ 16 degree SAGITTARIUS.  

Saturn, Steiner, tara Greene astrology

Saturn, Rudolph Steiner image

This is like a Get out of jail free card. Everything that you have been working on, laboriously toiling away at what seems like the trial will never end pace, can now move ahead.  That which has been dammed up, blocked, delayed, restricted, time-tested, depressing, and challenging, can now move forwards. HALLELUJAH.  It’s been a hard time, a tough test, but those who have had the Capricorn like patience and practical resiliency to stick with it ness, can begin to see results and reap the rewards. 

Saturn matures us. What hard difficult lessons have you had that have enabled you to get stronger, “What doesn’t kill you”….face reality more directly, grow up more?

At the same time VENUS in VIRGO squares SATURN

This is a good day to make serious love commitments such as marriage traditionally. It can relate to any project, health regime or community enterprise which requires long term patience to bring it to harvest.

This is time of really letting go of serious difficult long term love affairs and releasing yourself from past bondage and trials. I know some of you like BDSM that is not what I am talking about. It is time to let go. Love is not always easy or kind.

This is a critical day for bringing forwards and dedicating yourself to work that you love to do. FOLLOW YOUR BLISS.  

Grassroots groups that serves to inspire intellectual,educational, justice, truth and open International trade dialogues move forwards.

JUPITER the planetary overlord of SAGITTARIUS and PISCES is in a difficult, an inconjunct, {150 degree aspect} wrestling match with URANUS and ERIS the Goddess of DISCORD in ARIES. This throws a bit of a funny,ha ha, challenge into Saturn’s turnabout. Proceed with caution and watch out when working with fires or anything remotely dangerous.

The Moon squares Mercury in Sagittarius, TRINES THE SUN and URANUS then after that HAPPY freeing event squares CHIRON in PISCES and lastly JUPITER itself.Oh my.  A veritable roller coaster of energies, moods, over under sideways ups and downs.  

Plus that beautiful 6 goddess merkaba is forming. 

The Moon is conjunct to the GALACTIC CENTER at 27 degrees Sagittarius all afternoon. This energy is very inspiring mystical and metaphysical. Tune into the great cosmic womb for inspiration and direction. 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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Over Under Sideways Down, The Yardbirds, Feat Jeff Beck on Lead guitar 1966



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