Inspirational Daily Card

Aug. 7  Moon in Libra today making nice sextiles to Saturn and the Sun later today.


create a dialogue for manifesting your dreams. 

Moon squares PLUTO 

a bit of Cardinal Crossery –

Just came back from sleeping on Mother Earth for the first time in ages. OMG it was so great. Our friends sold their house in Toronto last year and bought a beautiful old 149-year-old church in the country. They had a crack live Funk band play in the church for the 2nd year in a row and this was my first time at what will be an annual bash. We slept outside in a tent.  My husband and I were out on the road at 3:00 am with a gazzilion stars out, because the beautiful orange crescent moon set early. We were watching for the Perseid Meteor showers and did see some, one really huge long one. Made some wishes on those falling stars. And just simply being awed looking at stars. It was a perfect night, no mosquitos, it was actually cool. Then we hear a coyote or wolf serenade. It was awesome. 

Nature is always the source and connection to spirituality. She is definitely calling me to be in her and near her more often. 

King of Swords Tara Greene Tarot

King of Swords Tarot of Metamorphosis

The King is the mature energy of AIR/swords.

It governs the last 10 degrees-DECAN of TAURUS and the first 2 decans-0-20 degrees GEMINI. 

If your birthday falls May15-June 20th this card is one of your birth card symbols. 

In this unusual description of this card, a harlequin jester appears.There are crusaders, Kings, Queens, stories, history to be told. Use your mind to stay focussed on what the goals are.  

Gotta go, 

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