Inspirational Daily Card

I recently found my animal medicine cards which got lost in my house. I laid down to meditate on where they were and saw it in my mind’s eye. I had been looking for them for weeks. Always trust your intuition.

Let’s consult these cards for today to help advise you. The Term Medicine is used to mean healing in Indigenous cultures.

OTTER- Woman Medicine

Otter, animal totems, Tara Greene

The Animal Medicine Cards By Jamie Samms and David Carson

If you have seen otter’s in nature they are the most joyous playful animals there are. They symbolize Feminine energy. They live both on land and love the water so they represent both of these feminine elements.  

This card reminds you to remember the beauty of a balanced Feminine side, creats space for others to enter out lives without fear or suspicion. 

Otter teaches us that balanced Female energy is not catty or jealous, that sisterhood is all about sharing the energy and joy for and with others. 

Every man and woman has a feminine side. Men need to embrace their own inner Anima or soul, the feeling nurturing, empathic side of themselves in order to be whole and complete and to learn to respect love and honor women, sisters, daughters, and children. 

Otter card appearing indicates the need to lighten up and PLAY more, Let your Inner Child have fun. Art making dancing singing and music are all primal expressions of joy and feelings. 

Feminine energy is always about change. As women go through major deaths and rebirths every month. Let go of that which no longer serves your highest purpose. Don’t hang on to material things. 

Otters play like children in the river of life. Be more like the otter. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

Blessings to you this day, TARA

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