Hillary is Hilarious, the DNC blames Russia

LOL the DNC blames Russia for hacking its way into what it wanted to cover up; its dirty shameful undemocratic blocking of Bernie Sanders campaign for President. This laughable scapegoating  is ludicrous and irresponsible. Yes blame it on the others as perpetrators, not yourself. I totally believe in Name DESTINY and Hillary is Hilarious. Except that its not funny, at all. The DNC should have Hillary’s nomination revoked because of their democracy blocking actions. They committed fraud and impeded justice. I believe those things are legally crimes. 

Bernie Sanders DNC Tara Greene

Bernie Sanders ought to be the Presidential candidate. Bernie Sanders took the stage in Philly to thunderous applause and I can’t help but get teary eyed watching him having to swallow his pride and endorse his former adversary. I had hoped like a New Age positive affirmations Heaven on Earth dreamer that Bernie would lead America to the revolution that it so desperately needs. Bernie talks about revolutionizing everything wrong with the entire American system. Its hard to swallow having to put up with Hillary Clinton who bends over to Wall street corruption which her husband Bill signed into law which enabled all those crooks to scam billions from the public and melt down the economy in 2008. Did any one of those CEO’s go to jail? No. Only Lehmann brothers fell. The public was totally hoodwinked into taking on debt on a per capita basis as the big boys laugh and laugh and continue on their merry way so that now 1 percent of 1% owns more money than 85% of the rest of the population.  That is sick greed and power hungry monsters. We are just the little servants. 

Instead Bernie has to try to convince his smart, philisophical, aware, youth of the future,to back a known crook and one who has just been stabbing him in the back all the way.


So you have to band together to make sure that “Hillary Clinton MUST become the next President of the U.S.” to defeat the scum of the earth Donald Trump. Great choices eh? 

The world saw knife attacks in Japan, Islamic bombing in Germany, more fascism in Turkey by Erdogan, and more people shot in Florida July 25. I am sending condolences to those who were killed 

TUesday JULY 26  Aries MOON high energy continues.

MARS, Aries ruler inconjuncts the Aries Moon early in the a.m.

Yes there will be grumpiness.Expect more fiesty angry, we’re not buying it Hillary energy pervading. Lots of anger in the air. I have seen this everywhere. People are cutting people off, too much scapegoating, Its crazy.

In a way it is good all this crazy shit. Because you can see how insane, divided and rotten most of the world is these days. Individuals are the simple good people. I sometimes get very cynical and depressed about it these days.  I’ve been on this earth a lot of years. I expected the revolution, I can read the stars, I am a Sagittarius and I love to inspire people. I have always had x-ray intuitive insights about what is Really going on. But the heavy downer on truth and reality is what Saturn brings and our dreams are being shattered, in that Neptune in Pisces square from the cosmic cop Saturn. 

What to have faith in? How do we keep the revolution going? 


This will help to ground the energy in general. But STUBORNESS rules the day.

Taurus rules the throat and lots of speeches. The energy favors slower more gut oriented actions.

Moon squares the LEO SUN

 Our daily bodily needs for shelter, love, food, sex, beauty, faces off  against big ego’s and Queenly and Kingly power mongers. Expect the Trumpster to be tweeting his orange head off. 

In general the overall energy is rancorous on Wednesday under the Taurus moon,

Thursday saures to Mercury and an opposition to Mars in Scorpio creates more agitation.

Moon enters Gemini in Thursday 

Friday Gemini moon indicates a real split.

Moon is opposite SATURN in SAGITTARIUS

Saturn is seniority it is Bernie Sanders. 

Moon squares Neptune -there will be must disillusion.

Moon inconjuncts Pluto

at the last minutes there will be strife. 

MERCURY squares MARS later in the day

EGO Battles, angry words, unconscious emotions surface.

at the end of the convention URANUS goes RETROGRADE

Uranus s the REVOLUTION, it’s not over yet. What Bernie Sanders started will be in effect right to the end of this year.  Bernie is SATURN in SAGITTARIUS leading us to optimism, to realism, to higher education, to openness for all kinds of people. 

The split in the part politics is what is also going on all around. The polarity is getting stronger. A lot of spiritual teachers and channelers are saying it is because it has to get worse, so its undeniably obvious, before it gets better. 

I feel JUPITER in LIBRA will help balance things out in September and for most of 2017. 

But for right now. HOLY COW! The collective shadow of scapegoating blaming, them and us is HUGE! Remember we are all one, Bernie Sanders is Hilary Clinton’s shadow and if the free university, women’s choice, $15 minimum wage, deregulating Wall street, democratic senate and supreme court, a better and universal health care come in, then Bernie will have integrated a huge quite radical shift in the America people’s life and that is huge. America will be in a better state. Focus on the details, not the person.

WHat do you think? Let shear form you.

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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7 thoughts on “Hillary is Hilarious, the DNC blames Russia

  1. The reason Bernie Sanders had to “swallow hard” and endorse Crooked Hillary is because the Clinton’s have Bernie blackmailed due to Bernie’s wife who created a big criminal mess as the college she was running

    Neither Bernie or Crooked Hillary could ever lead the American People to the Promised Land they are both owned by Wall Street and special interests groups which became widely known by Bernie’s financial support for his Presidential run

    In order to fund all of Bernie’s “free everything” which we know that nothing is really “free” Bernie Sander’s if he had made it to the White House would have increased the American People’s taxes by 60% to pay for it all

    TRUMP/PENCE 2016


  2. hi I didnt know about Jane’ school issues. Where is this info? In Canada we pay way more taxes as they do in Norway Sweden Iceland Britain to support all that free education, year long matt and husband leave, full universal health care. We may not like working for 6 months to pay off our taxes but we sure love the benefits. That is not so terrible. Its just that Americans arent used to that idea.
    I never thought Sanders was bought. His message is quite revolutionary NOT REVOLUTIONARY enough for my tastes. Progress is slow. Thanks for commenting.


  3. I was for Bernie too . But he didn’t win and we need to get over it. Bernie has asked us to support Hillary and get behind her. Hillary is going to be a very good President. She is definitely the most qualified person on the planet to do this job . So let’s quit bashing Hillary and change the doom and gloom attitude. That’s my opinion .

    Susie Hodge


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  4. Thank you Tara for all your effort and energy! Your posts are always so heartfelt. I disagree that we should support Hillary just because she isn’t Donald Trump. Her record of misdeeds stands on it’s own and her treachery to her own party and all Sanders supporters makes it quite clear that she is in it to win it for one cause only – HERSELF! For Bernie to stand there in front of the world after we all saw the facts with our own eyes and he still urges us to accept this blood thirsty criminal is like a Swedish rape victim asking fellow Swedish rape victims to welcome more unchecked immigrants into their communities. It’s flat out masochism! Hillary is about as ‘hilarious’ as a rubber crutch!

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    • I agree and it is horrible and I feel for Bernie to have been so manipulated but it also reveals how deep the treachery goes. I believe they have threatened Bernice’s life and his wife children and grandchildren. He can’t risk their lives.
      Some people are saying that Bernie was used to test the waters, how radical do young people really want to go. So he was “allowed” to be on he scene. All along I was incredulous asking myself how could Bernie sanders be out in public? I believe he is genuine, his track record proves that. So they-the big corporates who run everything behind the scenes let Bernie go so far. All the time blocking him from getting the nomination. Then they said that’s enuf we used you to attract new blood now you have to tell all the young radicals to vote for Hilary or else. They can create cancer, heart attacks, make it look “natural” this had been going on since Kennedy at least.
      The take away should be for the young people and all the people to realize is that you are living in the matrix. The u.s. Is headed for a revolution or a police state. This is what is being planned in Europe. The Muslim allowed into Europe are so the police state crackdown will make Europeans feel safe. Trump is a fascist ,white supremacy is on the rise.hack a new government make the powers thAt be topple. All those dystopian stories could be a future. 1984 did happen. This is the big wAake up call.


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