Weekend update: Annoying, escapism, vulnerable joy.

July 23 I’m feeling grumpy, irritated. It’s very hot and extremely humid. It is hotter right now in Toronto tonight than in Sedona Arizona. It felt like 42 degrees Celsius here today. There are record high temperatures being set in Iraq and Kuwait and a “heat dome” over most of the U.S.  Stay cool my friends. Be near water, stay hydrated.

The Moon is in the wet sign of Pisces: it’s a dreamy, sensitive, romantic spiritual, escapist  energy. Your psychic powers and lucid dreaming abilities are heightened. 

Were you feeling irritated today? I was. That teeth gnashing irritation comes from planets {or the moon and planets} which are in a quincunx or inconjunct. The two planets are in elements which do not know how to communicate with each other. Like Republicans and Democrats.
Pluto inconjunct Venus Astrology Tara Greene
That irritable note, like the sound of cosmic fingers on a galactic chalkboard continues on Saturday and SUNDAY.
Pisces Moon inconjuncts Venus in Leo 
and the QUEEN whether is the British one, Queen Bey, Taylor Swift, Hillary Clinton or whoever thinks she is the Queen or King-like The Donald, may not be too happy.  Pisces Moon inconjuncts Mercury in Leo too.
 Someone “may get a hurtin'” as comedian Russel Peters used to say.  A for sure rude awakening. Just plain old disagreements, with no way to figure out peace or balance. Some under covering,  self-undoing, slamming information may come to surface. If your heart has been pure, no worries.
NOTE:The hoped for peace and balance is coming soon when JUPITER the planet of largesse, optimism and all good things enters LIBRA the 7th sign of balance, peace, negotiations, justice and relationships, traditionally Marriage on September 9. 
This is a test run for SUNDAYS’s BIG ONE!= see below.
Still on SATURDAY 
Pisces Moon invites escapism, vapouring out, faith, consulting psychics, tarot readers and the like. See link below-
PISCES MOON sextiles PLUTO opposes JUPITER in ViRGO, conjuncts Chiron in PISCES
Jupiter in VIRGO opposite the Moon keeps us grounded, and reminds us that is the little practical, day by day manitenace that counts. Do mundain things, cleaning laundry, and see that as spiritual work.
Moon conjuncts CHIRON in PISCES 
This is always a good time to meditate to take stock, to let your vulnerabilities surface.
Yesterday, I was suddenly overcome with tears and grief for my mother. I cried deeply and for awhile and it felt good to release that pain. It’s almost 7 years since she has passed away. Because of when she died, on the Holiest Day of the Jewish New Year, her funeral was incredibly rushed, 10 hours after her death.  There was no mourning for her, as it was the New Year and that took precedent. Usually there is a mandatory week of intense mourning set aside. My family’s mourning felt interrupted and aborted. The tradition which I didn’t know about says that she anyone born or dying on the highest Holy Days of the year are considered to be special more religious people. I thought that was a lovely way for my mom to leave the planet actually and fit her entire life.
I take this grieving to be the influence of the red planet Mars in SCORPIO- only for another 12 days. Mars re-enters SAGITTARIUS on the NEW MOON in LEO on AUGUST 2nd.I watched Mars still looking quite large sitting up in the sky so brightly. I looked at the Warrior for along time tonight when I went for walk. 
Sunday  Moon enters Aries  in the morning
MOON TRINE SUN a nice positive optiistic happy hot temperatures day.
inspired to spontaneously jump on a train and ride it outta town to anywhere.  This is a nice combo which facilitates patience with spontenaiety. The ability to FINISH What what starts.
VENUS  PLUTO inconjunct, Leo to Capricorn @ 6:57 pm PDT/ 9:57 pm EDT
Lust ego and desire meets and hates lust for power and control. Women are primarily involved in this. Just before the start of the historic DNC too.  Venus in Leo is what a big ego wants. Pluto in Capricorn doesn’t care what your ego wants or needs. Pluto makes the things happen in your life that your soul needs, not what your ego wants. This is the difficulty.
The PISCES moon can help us let go, accep, go with the cosmic flow, forgive have compassion.
Have a great weekend
Please share widely, All writing is copyright of TARA Greene.
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