Tribal Aquarius Moon, serious love

The Post Full Buck Moon holds sway for three days from July 19 until the 22nd. This is a time for instituting structure. The Capricorn Full Moon is governed by serious Saturn. we need to have a reality check! 

The Moon entered Aquarius  on the 19th until the 22nd. 

Aquarius, which is a FIXED AIR SIGN, was traditionally also ruled by serious Karmic Cosmic Cop Saturn. Ancient Astrology had each planet rule over a masculine and a feminine sign and modern astrologers are reintegrating these rulerships as they are more balanced and also use the modern Transpersonal planets as dual rulerships as well.

AQUARIUS Moon energy blows winds for change. Giving us the opportunity to blow up, break down, crash,hack, reinvent, use Bitcoin and revolutionize the traditionally Saturnine, Lord of Patriarchy, structures. The very very conservative V.P. choice of Donald Trump, Pence is  one such example as well as #Trumpelstiltskin – see link below there is a go fund me campaign. 

July 20 


Venus and saturn astrology Tara Greene

Venus in LEO is a grandstanding red hot drama queen. Sounds familiar? She makes whoopee with papa Saturn, the rich older man who is in politics. 

Do you know about the Twitter   campaign?

This is such a Venus in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius issue. Pence declared a law that forced women to pay for miscarriage foetus funerals. I guess the funeral industry bought him out obviously. This is a hideously stupid anti-abortion law that this incompetent made into a law in Indiana. see link below

This is a good day to open your heart and make a commitment to a long term goal of any kind. What is your ambition? How do you plan to get there? You will need to speak your truth loudly, sing it from the rooftops, publishing a book, sign a contract to star in your own life, perhaps exotic destination travels? definitely higher education plans, connecting with older persons, and yes getting down on one knee and asking for someone’s hand in marriage. 

Saturn  Capricorn/Aquarius is the father, so definitely honor your dad, your history, your forefathers.

AQUARIUS MOON sextiles SATURN making it easier to cajole the guard into letting you into the GOP so you can create some trouble.

 There is detachment in the air. Yeah the shit is going down, now strategize with the tribe about how to get outta the hole.


The moon Venus Mercury and Saturn are all bound up together today. These are all “personal” planets. Let’s get physical real, access higher consciousness which is Aquarius territory as the Higher octave of Mercury, and connect with Love, that is VENUS. 

This is a much more upbeat optimistic positive energy day, Get some satisfaction, Get some relief. Get some respect.  

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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