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July 14, I am trying to give you a day before preview now. You like that?

July 14: That Mars Uranus inconjunct which happened late on the 13th in PDT occurs EDT at 1:13 am. You may find yourself tossin’ and turning all night. My husband and daughter did that last night. Did you?

The intense SCORPIO Moon makes two sextiles to PLUTO in CAPRICORN and JUPITER in VIRgO in the wee hours PDT and EDT. This can be a cornucopia of great dream wealth. Programme you dreams before sleep this night. 

SCORPIO Moon trines the CANCER SUN

This  a nice harmonious emotional birth/death sort of energy. Maybe very high and low alternatively. Can be very fertile as well in all senses. Create a dark dish-black? deep purple? to seduce and delight a Cancer with; squid ink pasta?  The way to their hearts is through their stomach’s.

Scorpio Moon inconjuncts URANUS in ARIES  and ERIS

This is more of that can’t integrate the brave new world energy yet stuff. The resistance to change, because of immigrants, “others”, LGBT or expanding beyond any old tribal ideology is strong. Resistance is futile. Life is always about change and adaptation.

MOON conjuncts MARS in SCORPIO this double emphasizes that Inconjunct energy.

Scorpio Moon trines Chiron in Pisces

In the evening, healing time comes by being open to our wounds and our failings. Vulnerability is the greatest strength. 


Eight of wands, Tarot Cards, Tara Greene

Eight of Wands/ Eight of Fire Vision Quest Tarot

The 8’s are always karmic by virtue of the number 8 itself.  There is a sense of destiny, a turning point. 

The eight of the element of Fire in the Vision Quest Tarot points to sparks of insight from many directions. 8 is the number of all the directions in indigenous Pagan ancient wisdom worldwide as in China, 8 is the symbol of Good Fortune and Success, 8x 8 = 64 symbols of the I Ching, and in Feng Shui.  There are 8 directions; 4 elements /Cardinal directions and four non-cardinal directions in the Medicine wheel or wheel of the year, or time. Eight is the symbol of Infinity, meaning  that all time is now. 

Remember that whatever is going down, breathing fully into the NOW, the only moment there is, is called NIRVANA, The point of bliss and choice. It is total freedom. 

Remember there is more than one point of view and that there are many vantage points to the whole picture. Walk a mile in the shoes of all the other’s on the circle for a great learning curve.

PLease share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Tossin’ and Turnin’ Bobby Lewis 1961 

18 thoughts on “Inspirational Daily Card water trines

  1. wow, thank you, did you write this just for me…? I tossed and turned and couldn’t figure out….you didn’t have caffeine late, you ate well, what’s going on? Born July 2nd, 1935….

    Since 1978 the number 8 has guided me…..and comforted …..flying I get put in seat number 26 or stressing out about something I walk thru a room and the clock says 2:15… incredible blessings…thanks so much for how you help us. hugs, bbs And my Native American teacher is coming August 8th. of course.


      • Now we know. In addition to Dallas, both Nice and the coupe / attempted coupe in Turkey. Not much of a surprise, given this aspect, particularly the events in Turkey. (Mars = violence, military; Uranus = revolutions / coupe)


      • Halt of the coup is consistent with the quincunx. Once again (and a bit sadly in this particular case), we agree.


      • Again, 100% agreed. Turkey is critically important, no doubt, though not actually part of the EU. Exactly where “things” are going remains open. Would be interested in knowing more about what the Scandanavians think about all of this. Although nearly “invisible” to many people (here in North America), they might be the most important player of all.


      • The last time I checked, Norway was the most productive (per capita) nation in the EU, even beating Germany. Sweden, Denmark, and Finland are also rather highly ranked in productivity. Effectively, they are carrying everyone else (except maybe Germany). If they were to pull out and form their own coalition, the EU might collapse. It certainly would fair much worse. This is a VERY old article, but the last time I checked (circa 2013) it was still true, maybe even “more true.”


      • They also seem to be highly efficient economically. Other places have great resources (e.g. a number of African countries) but are absolutely a mess.


      • I am not using astrology regarding Norway and the rest of Scandinavia. Just using plain ole economic data. (I reserve the right to do that! I use any oracle that will serve me, and I document that through my site at . i.e. what I call “SUMO” (Strategic Use of Multiple Oracles)) See, also:


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