Scorpio time of the month

Scorpio Moon, Tara Greene Astrology

Yes it’s Scorpio time of the month and its not just women’s periods. Our monthly Lunar voyage through Scorpio is always an intensely emotional, sexual and secretive time. The Scorpionic dark, stinging, power-hungry, vampirish, goth-y, obsessions arguments and control issues comes up from the unconscious Scorpio depths. Our instinctive impulses come out. We are prone to be more primal and raw emotionally.

As the most sexual sign we feel  our lust and our desire natures more instinctively. Our laser like ability to read others motivations is at its highest under the 8th signs moon. Detective work is strongest and easiest.

Scorpio rules finances, money, circulation highs and lows. Scorpio moon time is the time to reflect on death, dissolution, transformation. The best time to end, give away, cut those karmic attachments every month this month is July 12-15.

 July 13 Moon trines NEPTUNE in the afternoon and you may find yourself dreaming away.

Scorpio/ Pisces dreams are erotic, dark, Goth, sexual, intense.

Let your imagination run wild, iTs healthy. Beware of falling for dark sexy strangers.

MERCURY keeping step with VENUS enters LEO  July 13-30 @ 5:47 pm PDT /8:47 pm EDT

Mercury in LEO adds another planet in FIXED elements besides Venus and Mars. The SCORPIO moon is also fixed mode as is LEO, SCORPIO, AQUARIUS and TAURUS. When the Sun enters LEO on the 22nd that adds evn more immovable stubborn energies to the mix at the end of this month..

Mercury in LEO brings our heads and hearts together.  The Buddhists see the heart as the centre of the body, the mind is the O.S.  While Mercury is in Leo, we have the power to rule from our hearts.  Draw down your mental focus and consciousness into your heart chakra.You can use rose quartz to help you focus into your heart. It is especially good for that.

Rose Quartz, heart chakra Tara Greene

Wearing it is good or just holding a piece in your hand. Breathe and feel and sense what is right according to what the heart says.  When someone asks you what do  you think? Point to your heart.


This may feel very uncomfortable, a power tripping backlash stubborn impulsive energy stand off. Butting heads gets one nowhere. Uranus wants fresh,new, forward looking solutions. Get innovative and pro-active.  


Now here a sexy couple of bedfellows.  Book that sexy date, plan to stay in. Do whatever turns you on. Plan a plot to get the goods. Read detective novels, Bury some long past overdue boy/girlfriend once and for all. 

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