Mars opposite Algol, violence, Black Lives Matter

I started to write this on June 29th. Mars turned direct at 23 degrees of Scorpio and we all went ahhh. But we are not out of the mouth of hell of Mars in Scorpio Yet! Mars will exactly oppose ALGOL, Medusa’s head, the most feared VIOLENT STAR in the Heavens until July 30th.

Mouth of Hell, hours of catherine of cleves, tara Greene

Hours of Catherine of Cleves, Morgan Library & Museum, , MS M.945, f. 107r ca. 1440

What does this mean?

Algol has the baddest rep of all of the stars in the cosmos. Algol is about violence, beheading, fear. Mars in Scorpio Algol until July 30 is being reflected in the violence of the shooting of innocent black men by police in Baton Rouge and Minnesota and the shootings of police in Dallas Texas now. Also the increased violence by Daesh in Turkey, Baghdad and Saudi Arabia as well.

ALGOL is associated with MEDUSA who was considered to be a snake-haired demoness who if looked upon turned men or anyone into stone. This is the patriarchal second rewritten version. Medusa was originally an Amazon, a warrior Goddess fighting the Patriarchy. Her snake hair symbolizes risen Kundalini energy, female sexual powers of enlightenment which the Greek hero Perseus cuts off to use for his own protection. 

There are many versions of the myth. The oldest being that Medusa was a Goddess who was worshipped in Africa by the berbers. The snake haired Goddess has dreadlocks, she was BLACK. This is an important and overlooked part of the myth. As the Patriarchal Age took over, the ancient myths were rewritten or retold as brainwashing to change peoples view to those of the victors. 

In one version of the myth Medusa was originally a golden-haired, fair maiden, who was a priestess of Athena and was devoted to a life of celibacy. The God Poseidon/ NEPTUNE  raped her in Athena’s temple.  For this offence, she was punished by the goddess Athena who turned each hair on her head into venomous snakes, her eyes became blood shot furious orbs, and her skin became a hideous shade of green. She was cursed to turn anyone who looked directly at her into stone and she was sent to live with blind monsters so to not harm innocent people. Eventually Perseus beheaded her, with help from Athena, freeing her in death. At her beheading Pegasus, the winged horse and a giant emerged from her. The head was a talisman to war off evil so Medusa’s power was actually then used to benefit the hero.  

The symbol of cutting off one the AMAZONS heads, is clearly a story of psychological triumph over women. Another meaning of Medusa is the Patriarchy also destroying and symbolically castrating men from their own feminine instincts as well. There is always a contra-sexual meaning as well. The shadow of the myth. 

Algol= alcohol

The word Algol is Arabic for a ghoul, or nasty spirit, and is a homonym for alcohol, a substance which Muslims are forbidden to drink. The myth is very literally a teaching story about the dangerous of drinking alcohol. These myths were told to illiterate peoples for thousands of years and are often meant to be interpreted very literally. If Medusa is Algol the beheading is a warning of the dangers of drinking alcohol which dissociates yourself from your clear thinking faculties. Alcohol is a metaphor for spirit as Psychologist Dr. Carl Jung so clearly pointed out to one of the founders of A.A.  Alcohol or spirit is what the Universe is made of, it is where we all come from and to which we return. So the Medusa myth is really about the Patriarchy screwing itself by cutting it off from the source of female sexual power. 

Algol rules monsters, fear, psychology, genetic manipulations, beheading, will power, obsession, the shadows. Algol rules treason-pay attention to that, and replacing one ideology with another. 

ALGOL is prominent in those that work with the mass media and speak out. Medea is also associated with sexuality and shamanic healing with poisons.  Algol symbolizes any persons or even race that rubs other people the wrong way and are demonized as a result.

The current horrific shooting of innocent black men by police in Baton Rouge and in Minnesota and the shootings of police officers in Dallas Texas July 7 during a Black Lives Matter protest is bringing up this very hard angry tension between Mars in Scorpio opposite Algol energy very strongly.  We are facing each other’s demons. The white’s policemen’s fear of black men and black men’s rage at white cops. 

Snipers killing cops doesn’t help the matter. The U.S. is a very racist place. The irony of having a very intellectual,wealthy, positive father and loving husband as the archetype for black men in the United States for 8 years has actually created more racism. As the gap between the haves and the have nots increases, violence gets worse. As public monies and programs are voted down by Republicans in schools communities and education for the poorest, peoples frustrations gets stronger. 

Police are being trained to respond as if in war to ordinary civil situations. This is happening all over the world.  This situation is coming to a head. No one wants to live in fear all the time. The gangsta rap culture issues out of anger and frustration but is inherently negative, violent incredibly misogynist, homophobic and destructive.  Cultures need to respect each other. As blacks haven’t had the same chances to improve their lives, the cycles of poverty keep on keepin on. Desperation breeds drugs as escape and guns bring a false feeling of power to the powerless. 

This situation has been simmering for a long time. We will be dealing with this very angry energy which has been simmering in the collective unconscious for quite a while in our personal lives as well as the collective. Hopefully when Jupiter enters LIBRA on September 9th we will see some negotiations, peacemaking and co-operation between the seemingly opposing forces.

I am preparing an online webinar about Jupiter in Libra so stay tuned.

I send prayers to Philandro Castille and Alton Sterling and their families, and the five police officers and the hundreds of black men who have been shot by police. 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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