Sun conjunct Mercury, Tarot Magic

The Sun conjuncts the planet MERCURY July 6 at the 15th degree of CANCER a very powerful degree.  The 15th or middle degrees of all signs are considered most powerful as in a wave form. The symbols of the Tarot are archetypal symbols. The SUN= the sun .

The SUN is the #19 symbol in the TAROT called THE SUN

Sun Tarot Card, Tara Greene tarot card reader

The SUN is vitality, life, LIGHT, the SOURCE, God, consciousness, warmth, awareness, the stars, fire, life.

the #1 symbol in the TAROT is called the MAGICIAN which is the planet Mercury

Magician Thoth Tara Tarot reader

 MERCURY is the messenger of the Gods, also consciousness, the mind, communicating, thinking, analyzing, conception of an idea, pure thought. In traditional Tarot decks the Magician has the Infinity symbol over his head indicating that all consciousness is multi-dimensional.

This is a connection of Sun in the sign of Cancer  with the Mind. A mental emotional body enlightening. Both planets/ symbols have to do with awakening consciousness. 

The Kabbalah and Tarot is all about sacred geometry.  Adding #19 + #1 = 20.  

This is the symbol of Judgement Day which is the connection to your Higher Self or Guardian Angel. Not totally the Christian or even Islamic idea of Judgement day but a rebirth, a new form, a rebirth of consciousness, the second birth, the becoming like a child again in consciousness, the shedding of the old. The only judgements are our own. Our souls are judged by Higher consciousness beings which are themselves part of our own evolution, after our time on earth. 

#20 Judgement Thoth Tarot Tara Greene

THOTH TAROT # 20 AEON/ Judgement

I had a very powerful Lucid dream experience years ago involving the symbol of Judgment Day.  The dream took place in Washington D.C. where I worked years ago for a few months. My cousin Carol, who I was living with at the time, the writer was also in the dream. I was waiting for her. I was at a house in Alexandria, which is the name of the famed Libraries of all sacred ancient knowledge. In the dream I turned on the TV which was very unusual. I watched a music video on MTV of Bette Midler singing. In various scenes, Andy warhol appeared, I knew that he was dead. In one scene Andy and Bette make love. In the last scene of the dream it is in a courtroom. A group of chorus girls in black top hat and tails are there. Better Midler appear again in the center dressed in white top hat and tails and sings. Then she says ” I come before you to state my case.” in front of a jury which convenes. The next scene is Bette overjoyed declaring. ‘I win. I win.” Then the chorus girls and Bette dance and sing then the scene pans out of the TV set and in to the livingroom where I am sitting on a couch watching this. It has become dark while I am sitting there. The MTV hostess Laurie Brown says. “Isn’t she great?” the dream ends. I see this dream as me being all the main characters an an archetypal dream scene where I am cleared of all karmic judgements. This dream happened to just pop into my mind yesterday.  The Judgement is about having no judgements, no limitations.

WHat do you feel you need to release yourself from judgement about?

This is a powerful uplifting energy at 8:24 pm PDT/ 11:24 pm EDT/ next day 3:34 am GMT. 

Meditate on the Light on the stars as source of all life. This is the masculine consciousness. The Magician is androgynous, is two in one. The Judgement synthesizes both symbols to create something entirely new. If you are feeling stuck in any areas of your life, allow the dawning of a new light and new consciousness to take you places you’ve never been before. 

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2 thoughts on “Sun conjunct Mercury, Tarot Magic

  1. Reblogged this on Grandtrines and commented:
    Yes, all of this AND the Sun/Moon are in their annual, once a year period of “mutual reception” where they can be interchanged (at least in terms of “energy”). It is really a rather incredible window of opportunity for some people.


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