Sex, love, vanity, Venus trines Mars,

July 6th 

A big hearted proud dramatic Leo Moon trines SATURN in SAGITTARIUS early morning and in the wee hours in PDT. Your dreams may be full of drama, fireworks and adventure, with you starring on the stage, being a leader and defending your family or identity.

The LEO MOON inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES also in the early a.m. 

This can turn those dreams quite sour, bringing disillusionment and disappointment. The thrill is gone, the bubble bursts, deflation sets in. No matter how hard you have tried you can’t seem to reach your goal of finding your soul mate or that perfect someone or something. But all is not lost, the ego needs to step down as it is not in control. Forgiveness is a huge step to growth.  A Neptune is the “higher Octave” of Venus the next aspect draws Neptune into the fray.

VENUS in Cancer TRINES MARS in SCORPIO @ 23+ degrees 1:17 pm PDT/ 4:17 pm EDT/8:17 pm GMT 

The trine is a positive aspect indicating harmony, understanding, compassion and forgiveness from Venus in Cancer. This is a home coming to that wounded souldier of the heart. This aspect allows the anger to flow in a positive way, understanding that it is a release of energy in the ocean of emotions. 

On the one hand it is a great day to get married, engaged, have a party, celebrate,or enjoy a very sexual passionate and intimate, romantic date. All aspects can be positive and negative, I want to examine all the aspects of this. A trine needs to be milked for all its worth.

Venus in Cancer is your emotional and security needs, your need for safety and protection. This is about nurturing the inner child. You can begin to feel comfortable in your own skin or with your family, or opening to more intimacy with others and trusting that they and others can and do love you.  This aspect helps you know that you are inherently loveable.

Forgiveness is not a MARS in SCORPIO trait but with all the New Moon in Cancer energy and water trines it is a great time to let go. Let bygone be bygones. 

VANITY and the shadow of power

Venus trined Neptune on June 27th this helps us to let go now. Mars in Scorpio is all about control, sexual control, manipulation, power and secrets.Lots of that going on in the world these days.  How to not be driven by an unconscious desire for power? Self love without ego is the key. Many are touting “I am so great, so strong” etc. these days, especially women who are re-finding their Goddess given powers again. That is good, but in an age of commercial consumerism you must be very wary Not to fall into the hype, the illusions, the shadow of power. Those who were victimized can easily become the victimizers.  The shadow can be tied to the ego instead of to the depth of soul and appear as Vanity..

ellen von unwerth photo, Vanity Tara Greene

Ellen Von Unwerth photography  

Mars is a defense mechanism of the ego. True self love is love of the SOUL, the higher self, the most mysterious and eternal part of ourselves and everyone and the world’s soul. The Soul has no ego, it does not need worldly gain, isn’t concerned with appearances, status, money. glamour, or what anyone thinks. The soul does not exist in the physical world.

Use these positive aspects as stepping stones to further question you Self. 

Leo Moon inconjuncts PLUTO in CAPRICORN further extended that soul dialogue about who is in control.  

Lots of world domination issues coming out everywhere. Be aware and alert.

VENUS in CANCER also squares ERIS  the troublemaker @ 23 degrees Cancer/ ARIES

It was Eris who through the golden apple at the three goddesses who started  a war over “who was the most beautiful.” The ego-vanity issues is a big one to look at right now.

Be on guard for unexpected backlash in the world from a whole host of issues. If you’ve turned on the new lately you will know Brexit, Clinton, Trump, France, Saudi Arabia, all world situations are heating up. Pay attention to whats going on. It is your home turf that you need to protect. 

Sun conjuncts MERCURY late tonight @ 15 degrees Cancer at the powerful Cancerian degree conjunct to SIRIUS. 

This is a positive aspect. Meditate on the Midnight Sun a very spiritual symbol. Mercury is combust the SUN. Maybe its time to use our feeling mind rather than our thinking mind. 

I want to give you one day ahead transits now. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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