Another bump in the road

That Aries moon, which you know is full of road rage, piss and vinegar will be acting up with Mars virtually still June 29 @ 4:36 pm PDT/ 7:36 pm EDT/ 11:36 pm GMT Things  had been difficult all day Tuesday and will continue on Wednesday. Its OK to be grumpy today.

where the wild things are

Tuesdays Cardinal Cross energy between Moon and Venus and Pluto in squares.

there’s a couple of quincunxes one early this a.m. one later tonight.

Moon to Jupiter in Virgo-done! Moon to MARS who hates to be tied down in evening.

Moon will conjunct URANUS  as the last aspect of the day. The evening may prove to be chaotic. Your dreams may be off the charts as well.


Expect the wild rumpus to begin.

June 29 


i’ll write a separate article about that.  Your mind’s source will appear to be hooked up to your feelings first, you will hings will get emotional, not detached and analytical, this can be worse. 

Moon sextiles SUN, and later NEPTUNE to make things dreamy, romantic and cue the fog machines. 

Moon inconjuncts SATURN in the evening in PDT/ June 30 early a.m. EDT and GMT

grumbling, political arguments, one upmanship, more wild rumpusing.

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