Chiron Retrograde, Venus Trine Neptune

MONDAY in PDT/EDT starts with the Moon entering ARIES to jump start the week.

CHIRON turns RETROGRADE @ 25+ degrees PISCES

Chiron turns backwards, moving Retrograde and trining a still-Retrograde Mars in Scorpio,to take us back over that sacred ground that we thought we had already moistened enough with our tears. Because of that trine to Mars at the Retrograde, Chiron will drag that deep Scorpio underworldly, ghostly emotional energy with us, well past the time when Mars re-enters Sagittarius on August  2nd.  Do remember this. We will all be doing the Ghost dance to honor our ancestors and any ghostly spectral emotional dirt that we haven’t completely removed from our auras yet. You know those hardest to reach places. Chiron will Retrograde until December the 1st where it stations Direct @ 20+ degrees Pisces.


Venus and Neptune, Tara Greene Astrology Venus and Neptune in "The Roll of Fate" by Walter Crane,

Venus and Neptune in “The Roll of Fate” by Walter Crane, 1882. Oil on canvas

This is another beautiful make wishes on stars kind of transit. All of this sublime cosmic watery flow is great for enhanced meditation, visualization, making dream and vision boards. You can be feeling very spacey, emotional and psychic under these energies. This is the “wearing the rose colored glasses” aspect where you literally, see stars in everyone’s eyes. Your immune system is more susceptible to viruses and any medications alcohol or drugs under this transit. 

Venus symbolizes human sexual love from a woman’s perspective. It is the very real, earthy, imperfect, warts and all, plus laundry, bills, children, romantic love. Neptune is the “higher octave” of that love. It is idealistic, spiritual, altruistic, a soul mate, unconditional love which can exist between your self and Spirit alone and doesn’t need anyone to fulfill any ego needs at all. It is the BELOVED that Rumi wrote 30,000 poems to, even though Shams of Tabriz sparked in Rumi that recognition. Rumi recognized that the Beloved is everything. The Greek’s called it, agape. 

NEPTUNE is also RETROGRADE and we want to go deeper and deeper into our deepest psychological and soul depths to the Source that we remember unconsciously, of being totally safe and connected to our mother’s heartbeat and her lifeblood in her womb, of knowing no separation or boundaries. We have those memories in our cellular consciousness of feeling one with the universe and you can easily access them now. Take a long meditative bath, with lavender or rose oil and sink back into those womb memories. 

If we need to be healed from separation or abandonment from our mothers; if we feel like motherless children, this energy can be used to do great healing with. If we have a child you feel you abandoned, or a lover, or your mothers, or anyone in your family you may feel guilty about, then use this energy to forgive with. To forgive yourselves and others who have trespassed against us.  

Our dreams and psychic energies will be enhanced. Do work with more intention with your dreams now especially as Mercury and Venus are in water signs.  I would really focus on uncovering more dream material up until the powerful New Moon on July 4th. 

This is  a great time for creativity, compassion and charity work. Working on contributing to cleaner water supplies. Donating to help impoverished girls, children or any worthy charity is an excellent way to work with this energy.

This is literal extremely fertile energy. If you are wanting to get pregnant this is one of the best aspects to do so under especially with the Saturn Squaring Neptune and Jupiter in Virgo and the North Node also involved. Saturn is the reality, the bones, and Virgo is earth. 

Neptune in Pisces sees all people as coming from a common source. Even Pope Francis said that the Catholic Church owes gays an apology for alienating them which is a huge step for the Catholic Church to take. This most compassionate of Popes also mentioned the church needs to also apologize to women and children as well for disenfranchising them.

This is a great time for enhancing your home through redecorating and making you house somewhere you feel totally peaceful and inspired in.  Buying and appreciating art that uplifts your spirit. Invite guests or family to your home for very creative soirees.

Be nearby water if you can. Use this energy to send wishes of world peace in all the places in the world torn by religious bigotry and wars, We are all one big family of humans and really no one is any different than the other.

Mercury in GEMINI squares CHIRON in PISCES

There will be much talking about how to reinstate peace in Brexit and in other fractured parts of the world. Seeing others as equal to ourselves initiates the first steps towards compassion to ourselves and others.

PLease share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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