Father’s Day, good sport astrology

Let’s hear it for all the loving, supportive Father’s, Papa’s and Dad’s out there. 

I give thanks to my dear Dad, who passed on in 2011 at 96 years old, who I loved so much. I thought about him last night as I was dancing at a wedding and felt his presence there. My dad was a fabulous dancer and one of my fondest memories was of him twirling me around on the dance floor when I was a kid and the crowd parting to watch my dad dance. I miss you Daddy almost every day. I give thanks for my husband for being such a wonderful nurturing strong and supportive father to our daughter Leah and step-dad to my son Elijah.  It’s my son’s birthday today and he was also born on a Father’s day. He is my dad’s first and only grandson and his birth was quite a present. My dad cried with happiness, and I’d never seen him cry before. 

The Sacred Masculine energy is the balance to the Sacred Feminine. 

It’s a sporty fiery, optimistic day with the Moon in Sagittarius, a Masculine sign that likes sports, honesty, justice, history, adventure.  

Happy Father's Day, Tara Greene

We need to shake off the Mars quincunx to Uranus in the night. I can’t sleep, plus it’s also Full Moon approaching.

that Saggy Moon squares JUPITER its ruling planet which feels like a should scrape of let’s do more fun stuff. Get outside, play some miniature golf, walk in the woods, have a BBQ.


You should have a bonfire, but be careful around propane gas tanks, or fireworks. This is a very forward looking energy. It can be quite chaotic though.

Moon trines Chiron in Pisces later in evening

Tell your dad how much he really means to you. It’s ok to be very honest and weepy that’s how heart forges are made. The True Masculine strength is to be vulnerable. 



Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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8 thoughts on “Father’s Day, good sport astrology

  1. Very beautiful. My dad passed away 2008. He was very loving, supportive. I think of him a lot recently especially going through these tough times. I miss him and talking to him. So thank you


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