Moon in Sagittarius, Saturn square Neptune


to lighten and optimize the mood

Sagittarius Moon Tara Greene


o out to a comedy club, get out in nature, go see an interesting lecture about philosophy, quantum physics or Buddhism. 


SATURN SQUARES NEPTUNE – Caught between a rock and a dream

I think BANKSY the street artist is quite a genius. True artists are known for being prophetic His installation last year of DISMALAND a take off on the fantasy too treacly pure virgin princesses and High School Musical with happy ever after bluebirds gone downhill into dreary reality is one way of viewing this square.  

More literally a poor two yer old boy was killed at a Disney park in the U.S. by an alligator a few days ago. Sending condolences to the family.  This is heavy stuff, 

Saturn will rain on your Neptunian pie in the sky parade. 

I blogged about this a few days ago.  This is so hard a choice for us to make. Life can feel hard disappointing, as Saturn presses his leaden foot down crushin many a dreams. Many Bernie Sanders followers,millions of them are disappointed and feeling lost and adrift.  Many people are having to face the facts and cannot run from the illusions anymore. Ultimately the reality check helps us to build real solutions in politics, education, and religious freedoms. Saturn is consequences, think about what you are avoiding now and get Saturnian tough and deal with it.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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