Mars Retrograde in America’s progressed chart

June 7th is a big day for the Democrats as California votes for either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. I feel Bernie will win California. This will be a big upset for Hillary. The crooked media cronies have already declared her the winner, it’s just not true. No one will know who the Democratic contender will be until July 2016.

We are now all working through Mars Retrograde in Scorpio, the Grand Cardinal Cross and Venus conjunct the SUN. 

June 7 shows very difficult aspects, under a Cancer Moon which is feminine and emotional and symbolizes America’s SUN in Cancer. The Moon is always the mood of the people. The people want whats good for the children, they want to feel safe and nurtured.  Moon is in a Cardinal T-square with Pluto, and Uranus conjucts Eris in Aries-exact June 8th, there is some wild provocative radical energies being played out. The Gods are playing with matches. 

VENUS and the GEMINI Sun are inconjunct to PLUTO at 16+ degrees and they are both square to the North and South Nodes of the MOON. This is a very karmic day.  Any aspects to PLUTO are always difficult as we are dealing with BIG CORPORATE SECRETS and POWER and CONTROL issues. Nudge nudge….

JUNO the feminine form of Genius; in Roman she is Hera, the ever faithful wife to the philandering King, is entering Scorpio and conjunct to LILITH 1 degree away. This is an interesting combo in regards to perhaps having the first female ever to run for President. Hillary certainly plays out Juno’s energies, she is focused and smart. LILITH is the dark rejected feminine who accommodates no one.  Because she symbolizes the Death Mother, there may still be a great fear in the Patriarchy of a woman running the country. Hillary Clinton is a quadruple Scorpio with her Sun at 2 degrees of the sign of power. The asteroids conjunct her Sun can work either ways. 

I just want to note that in Astrology there is a common technique called Secondary Progressed charts. This technique is based on the system of a day for a year where the Sun moves ahead one day from your birth chart the exact number of years old you progress it into the future. Using an Ephemeris you can scan ahead to see where the Sun and all the planets progress to on any given date. These charts show an internal growth and are used with Natal and transit charts and lend an extra depth and dimension to forecasting.

Since JULY 19, 2006 the Progressed chart for America based on the most commonly accepted “Sibley” chart from July 4,1776 @ 5;13 p.m. in Philadelphia, with a 12 degree SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT, the planet MARS- the testosterone planet and God of War, defenses, aggression turned RETROGRADE at 18+ degrees LIBRA. Progressed Mars is in the 10th house of Worldly fame and position in its natal chart. Natal Mars is at 21+ degrees GEMINI in the 7th house. America’s progressed Mars will remain Retrograde until March 27, 2086. This has never happened before to America, that is 70 years from now. 

The 18 degree LIBRA MARS RETROGRADE is currently being squared by PLUTO in Capricorn indicating some secret cover ups and power and control issues going on underneath the guise of liberty and justice for all. Prog. Mars Retro. has been opposed by URANUS in Aries since the fall of 2015 when Bernie Sanders entered his bid for President.

Trojan War, Eris, tara Greene astrology psychic

ERIS and the Golden Apple of DISCORD

ERIS the newly minted dwarf planet of disruption, who symbolizes and anti-Venus counter-balance. She is a shit disturber like Lilith. Eris is in an exact conjunction with URANUS.  Every 500 years or so, the planet Uranus and the dwarf planet Eris come together in the sign of Aries, which is where Eris has been since 1927. Mars rules Aries, and with Mars Retrograde right now in Scorpio and in the U.S. Progressed chart we can expect a regression, repression, a reset, revolution. Everything that beings with Re- applies. rednecks, remission, retribution, renegades, republicans, etc.

The last time Uranus and ERis met in Aries happened between 1426 and 1516. These were the flowering of the arts in the Renaissance in Italy, Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci were living masters. Peoples consciousness shifted as they were able to paint and draw in 3 Dimensions learning to harness perspective. The Hundred years wars raged in Europe and the War of the Roses fractured Britain. Columbus discovered America. Martin Luther lists his thesis. Spanish conquered the New world wiping out indigenous populations in their lust for Gold. The terrible Spanish Inquisition started, Joan of Arc went to war as a woman, following her  spiritual insights. 

Now 500 years later we will go through an even Higher consciousness shift in the arts, technology, religion compared to that dramatic conjunction.

Aries is the “All about the selfie” and as America silently chokes on its own repressed ego driven energy now after the first ten years of this, we may see a resurgence in the viagra driven overly macho type of sloppy capers that Donald the Trumpster panders too. Attempting to regurgitate that old war mongering attitude. Mars Retrograde does indicate an energetic withdrawal, a turning inwards and a defensive stance, such as Trump’s build the walls, throw out the foreigners actually makes sense under this aspect why it would be popular to some.

ERIS And URANUS in ARIES are throwing the apple of discord into American and the world’s way of living very heavily this year. Brexit is another association with this Eris/Uranus energy.

Over the weekend some Americans said to me that they thought that if Trump does NOT win there will be a revolution in America because Republicans will be so pissed off. I thought that was very interesting as most Astrologers have been predicting revolution but were hoping that it would not be a fascist Pluto in Capricorn energy and were thinking more of a real democratic socialist kind.

I have also just checked the Democratic Party’s birth chart. It is the oldest political party in America. 

democratic party astrology Tara Greene

This Natal chart with transits for June 7 2016 the grand Mutable cross is very powerful with SUN VENUS close to its Part of Fortune and Jupiter in Virgo and the North Node conjunct to its natal MARS in JUPITER in the 1st house.  Neptune in Pisces is in its 7th indicating a delusion and illusion to the public. Saturn in Sagittarius is transiting in the 4th house, the roots, and squaring Mars in Virgo in the 1st house in the DEM chart.  This indicates a new vision, philosophy and direction for the party from an older man who strengthens the foundations.

URANUS and ERIS are heavily influencing the DEM’s chart too. The terrible two’s are conjunct to Saturn in Aries in the 8th house of taxes, inheritance, big money, transformation and they are both exactly opposite Jupiter at 23 degrees LIBRA in the founding party’s chart indicating unexpected shocking chaos and change. There may be some surprising upsets around someone’s taxes. 

Mercury in Taurus is conjunct to natal Retrograde Mercury in the Dem’s chart. They should be holding to their values of helping the people. 

JUNO and LILITH in early Scorpio are directly opposing Venus in TAURUS in the Dem’s natal chart. Venus in Taurus is in her ruling sign. This does put a very strong female focus onto the party’s natural energy and values. Except that Lilith is the rejected Feminine. 

Either way, not many will be happy with the way this election goes.  If Trump could be elected, well it just goes to show you what a Retrograde Mars can do for a country. Mars Retrograde is a quick ride down a slippery slope.

WHat do you think? I am fascinated with this election. Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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