Inspirational card of the day

The New Moon in Gemini and a triple square to JUPITER in VIRGO from SUN Moon and VENUS.  This is a grounded square. I am thinking of a baseball game with the 3 planets on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd bases. We are trying to hit the home run and score.

It’s a hard cross to bear when it’s so changeable.

Daily card

2 of wands Tarot Tara Greene

2 of wands

The perfect card of course. The 2 of wands like all 2’s is about balancing the opposites, communications, duality, opposition, union, negotiations, relationships and more.

Use this spark of reconciliation to move through the challenges with energy. Optimism is good. See a path through the dark,

Remember to go outside and look at Saturn tonight in his up close and personal spotlight. Bow down to Saturn he is the Master of reality. I find it very interesting to think what traditional astrology would have to say about the “TWO MALEFICS” Mars and Saturn being do close up and threatening. This would be counted as very difficult times. Mars in Scorpio and Saturn in Sagittarius indicate difficult and testing in politics, laws, international affairs and Mars in Scorpio with big lies, financial ones, secret cabals of power who are invested in  control.  You will see this reflected in your own life.

The modality of MUTABLE makes it slippery, ephemeral, like a dragonfly, unreachable.

Gemini energy is sylph like, spread your gossamer wings and fly above it all uniting the opposites within and without.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

I am at the beautiful Grail Springs Spa with an intimate group. This mutable grand cross falls snack dab on my SAGITTARIUS SUN with Saturn there, I am feeling tired. 

have a great dreaming night as the Sun squares Neptune

bringing to light many fears, illusions,delusions and creative spiritual insights.

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