Witches brew; innocent planet warrior

May 30 The month of May has flown by. I hope my friends and family in the U.S. had a wonderful holiday weekend. 

PISCES MOON MAGIC LINGERS ON.  This is the end of the monthly cycle. It is a good time to pause and do a monthly overview for a few minutes. TAKE 20 minutes to go back through your calendar or look over your planner or simply recall what has gone on in the last month.

Were your dreams very strong or significant last night? Pisces Moons are always prime LUCID DREAMING times. Do tell.

PISCES Moon conjuncts Chiron in Pisces around noon EDT

You may need to have shout WALLS UP! as you will need very strong boundaries with so much wounded feelings floating around. Be careful about not overindulging in the booze department your judgement is off. 


Unconscious eroticism may be stirred up. What really turns you on? Be careful of what and who you attract today. Projections of other people’s power needs to be reclaimed as your own.

Witches Cauldron, Tara Greene magic psychic

This is a potent cauldron of old bitches brew of jealousy, revenge, old long forgotten scenarios may raise their ugly emotional heads from an ancient ocean of toxic fear and emotions. Do be careful around this dark black magic,this is high shadow season. 

Moon enters ARIES 


This is a good time to speak your truth. TAURUS rules the throat chakra which is directly connected to the safety/grounding root chakra. In a beneficient trine to PLUTO in CAPRICORN this is time to put the voice of your soul on the world’s doorstep. If you don’t speak your truth, who will voice your specific soul’s mission?

You could also see this as MIND GAMES. be mindfull of the media’s manipulations. Especially with MARS RETROGRADE IN SCORPIO. Did you notice Hillary get caught for those charges once Mars entered Scorpio again?Also Mark Salling getting nabbed for child porn when Mars Retro’d in to Scorpio? 

There’s a video of a 6 year old boy who is the perfect example of this energy. These young children are very highly developed souls. Some are new souls who have no idea that the world can be so cruel, crazy and indifferent. They call these children indigo’s or crystal children or even 5D children. 

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All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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MIND GAMES by JOhn Lennon

Emotional Earth activist, 6 year old boy



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