DNC Election Fraud- U.S. is NOT a Monarchy

I am very concerned over the U.S. Election. If you don’t want the Donald to become the next President of the U.S. We need to ensue that democracy works and is free to work.

During the Democratic Primary race one thing is obvious.. Bernie Sanders is dominating. He has won every online poll, Alan Grayson’s (D-Florida) super delegate poll, and has received the most individual campaign contributions as well as the largest rallies American politics has ever seen.. There is no way that Hillary Clinton (who has some of the worst polling data in regards to trustworthiness and one of the lowest senate approval ratings on either side) is winning by the margins she is statistically. We have substantial evidence and reason to believe that Hillary and her campaign are cheating. There are numerous videos showing caucus fraud, along with cases of polling stations hiding ballots and lying to voters as well as discrepancies in vote tallies .. not to mention the fiasco that happened before the convention with the DNC’s database vendor… This is not democracy.. Please sign and pass this petition on!


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6 thoughts on “DNC Election Fraud- U.S. is NOT a Monarchy

  1. Tara, Some of us actually voted for Hillary. Bernie is not God, none of us are, and none of us can presume to know the future or even who is actually going to do the best job as president. Democracy is also about realizing other people have their own very valid views. Trump didn’t get this far cheating, neither did Hillary and neither did Bernie. It’s time for us to stop fighting or whining and start trying to understand why people are acting as they are. No one is stupid. There are many reasons why people vote as they do. Please try to guide people forward, and not into worry, fear or anger.


    • hi Valerie,
      I never said Bernie is God, and I didnt talk about who is going to be president. Trump is certainly a cheater one way or another. Hillary is al iar but I don’t believe Bernie is. I disagree there are lots of stupid ignorant fearfull people out there in America who have been programmed to be stupid and ignorant by every fact of American society from pre-birth, to birth, to vaccinations, schooling, culture, food, commercialism, the American dream propaganda.I am not American so I can see it for what it is. When you live in it most people cannot. Yes people should stop fighting, the energies of the planets are very polarizing so we can see the differences. Corporations run the world and that is really the problem. I dont think most people are educated about the psychology at work here. I am trying to guide people forwards by saying -look there is fraud going on right under your noses as there was with the big Wall street payoffs and 911 and tons more stuff like that. You don’t have to go into worry or fear or anger just get educated. Everything you are told in the mainstream media is all lies and propaganda. Being all positive is rather unenlightened in my books. You have to look at both the light and the dark to be balanced. I am trying to wake people up. Thanks for your input.


  2. To Valerie — I like your comments.
    To Tara — Your blanket statement that Hillary is a liar, but Bernie is not, is so subjective, & as we are all human on the journey, no one is infallible. And all of us can Evolve, if we chose, & I believe Hillary has reconsidered & re-evaluated many choices thru her years.
    I find the Bernie supporters are SCAPEGOATING Hillary for our nation’s ills, & elevating Bernie as a Messiah figure, with expectations that decades of problems can be solved overnight. First of all, it is Not Hillary’s fault that our Voting System is flawed. The “Nation of Change” e-zine has an article today, ‘If Bernie is about Political Revolution, he has to work With the Democrats…’ is very worth reading. The Bernie supporters are becoming the riders of high horses, & living in the Ivory Towers, & no matter whom is our Democrat Presidential Candidate, I hope people are neither complacent nor bitter & will show up to Vote for Democrats in every race. And hey, nobody is going to be perfect, but every republican will shred my rights & that would be catastrophic. Thanx–LL


  3. Hi again Tara,
    I agree there are a lot of problems in America and the world. The biggest problem of all is that no single person knows all of the answers. There are as many solutions as there are people. I think one of the best ways to help America and the world is to respect other points of view as being truthful and valid to that individual. Blaming others or other countries does not move the world forward especially when it comes from “enlightened” people. I think your blogs often serve as wonderful guides for people to get in touch with spirit, nature and higher consciousness. Best wishes.


    • hi Valerie. I try to stay neutral but I also feel most people need to be woken up.I am not blaming but I felt this point of view in the article needed to be put out there. You are free to see it as you wish. I am not attached to any of it. Thank you for the kind words about my blog.


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