Astrology Tarot May 23-28 by Tara Greene

The big highlight of this week is the last of three exact squares between  JUPITER in VIRGO and SATURN in SAGITTARIUS Retrograde @ 13+ degrees. These two major movers of the personal planets only contact each other in exact conjunctions only once every 20 years and that meeting is the theme of that twenty year cycle. That last great synodic cycle was May­ 28 2000 was at 23­-24° Taurus. We are in the last square before the next great conjunction occurs on December 21, 2020 at Zero Aquarius! The Aquarian Age will really begin to unfold from 2020-2040. I remember an old spiritual friend who had studied Alice Bailey, the great metaphysical Astrologer and the White Brotherhood telling me that humans would not have bodies by 2050 or 60.

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JUPITER King of the Gods

Jupiter and Saturn on the other hand govern very real substantial affairs. Commerce finances, expansion, foreign business, trade, politics, education. The bust came right after the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction then.

Jupiter and Saturn have been forming aspects in this cycle- check back where you were at in these previous aspects.

The current Jupiter- Saturn Square

Aug/ 3 2015 @ 28+ Leo/Scorpio   March 23 2016 @ 16+ Virgo/ Sagittarius    MAY 26 2016 @ 13+ Virgo/ Sagittarius 

Jupiter Saturn Opposition;  3 alignments

May 22 2010 @ 27+degrees Pisces/Virgo August 16 2010 @ 2+ Aries/ Libra March 28 2011 @ 14+ Aries/ 14+ Libra


Dec. 16 2005 @ 10+ SCORPIO /Leo   June 22 2006   @9+ SCORPIO/ 9+LEO  Oct.25 2006  @ 23+ Scorpio/ 23Leo 

 JUPITER is the Positive optimistic the glass is half- full and SATURN is the pessimistic the glass is half-empty karmic cosmic cop. 

ALL MUTABLE Signs get the exact bang GEMINI VIRGO SAGITTARIUS and PISCES at mid-degrees. 

We will all feel it. 

It’s important that you set your sights on where you want to be FOUR years from now.

NOW at this square is where you set the timer to go off at that next great conjunction at ZERO AQUARIUS.

What you want to harvest with JUPITER in VIRGO? What do you have faith in on a day to day basis? Jupiter in Virgo expands all the Virgo practicality, the nitpicky perfectionism, the organization and the ability to be of service through your work. Are you happy with your work? If there was no money involved would you still get up and do it? This is a bottom line.

YOUR HEALTH is also important that you do get your diet and health in order now no matter what age you are. Saturn in Sagittarius also rules discipline in yoga or Tai Chi, martial arts. 

Saturn, Steiner, tara Greene astrology

Saturn the grim-reaper

Saturn in Sagittarius, the karmic cop tests if your ideals are real. Do they have weight and substance? Ideally they should be as heavy as Lead.  The great Realist and architect asks you: What are your educational goals? What do you need ot have under your belt to further your career goals? Where do you want to travel? Are there legal issues that you need to get in order?  Examine how honest you are being with yourself and your “tribe.” Your religious, philosophical and ideals will be tested. 

Saturn in Sagittarius bring maturity with humour. Life is a big cosmic joke. Stay happy be positive The universe has your back. Have pronoia. It’s a big wide wild universe. 

SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS is walk your talk time. Jupiter the ruler of Sag. often promises more than he can deliver and operates on trust. Get into liking the humdrum, boredom of routine, of maintenance, Jupiter is too restless and wants life to be a great adventure. 

So these two planets are harmonious and can really help you build ling term goals based on your ideals and working with like-minded people to pursue your truth and  justice. We need to work together cooperatively. 

Venus enters Gemini MAy 24-JUne 17

MARS MARCHES RETROGRADE back into SCORPIO on May 27 turns Direct on JUNE 29 and leaves Scorpio August 2.

I’ll write about that separately.

Inspirational Card of the Day 

Can you guess which card it will be? No peaking…. Just testing your intuitive abilities. You have one out of 78 chances to get it right.



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