How to find direction from spirit, Full Blue Flower Moon

Always be on the alert for messages from spirit in the form of animals or birds. Animals are so much more sensitive and connected to the spiritual realms than we humans. I was out walking and heard a Cardinal, I have been hearing them a lot here. I silently called to it and he came out and sat on the wire. Cardinals symbolize fire with their red feathers, which symbolizes masculine energy,initiation, action, passion, energy. Always note which direction they are sitting in or coming from as that also carries meaning. All birds symbolize souls and spirit animals and represent the energies of that direction. Cardinal was in the north-east, a non- Cardinal direction, place of sourcery, magic, new mythologies, and riding the cosmic wave, so I thanked the cardinal for singing his message so beautifully.

So pay attention, wake up. All dimensions and all time is now. I was taken for an enchanting walkabout at a beautiful spiritual refuge center nearby called New Angel Valley Retreat Center is about 10 miles outside of Sedona. I could feel the heart opening energy when I arrived. It is a beautiful sacred angelic spot. I walked an 11 circuit Chartres type Labyrinth for a long time. The owner Michael said that space ships come and go from this place a lot. That there are 33 dimensions which overlap simultaneously and which can be accessed at that labyrinth. 

This Full FLOWER moon, May 21 is a time of flowering for all of us. 

Full Flower Moon, Astrology Tara Greene psychic


This is a powerful Blue Moon in Sagittarius conjunct MARS Retrograde. What kind of flowers are blooming? There is a lot of anger that  is being released now. Get ready for May 27 when MARS re-enters SCORPIO his home turf. There will be another Blue Moon this month as the Summer Solstice falls early in EDT and PDT on June 20th with another Full Moon in SAGITTARIUS at the 29th and most critical degree.  Sagittarius is the teacher, the SAGE, the wisdom bringer of higher law, Spiritual Law in Indigenous American teachings. Justice, transparency, honesty, good humour and optimism are Sag. Traits. 

JUPITER AND SATURN will form their third exact square May 26. This is a good balance.

Yes the dirt will really be dug up as Mars is in SCORPIO- be aware of more whistleblowing, secret documents coming to late, the smack down of those in power, and a tumultuous time for all. 


Daily card for Full Moon May 21

Queen of Cups 

How appropriate the symbol of CANCER energy where the Full Moon is the most in synch and powerful. Be receptive, keep your heart open. Mediate at this Full Moon asking what do  I need to receive most now? What am I full with?

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5 thoughts on “How to find direction from spirit, Full Blue Flower Moon

  1. Thank you … this is a lovely article and very informative… I had to giggle, as I was reading your post, the birds were singing loudly outside… 🙂 Have a fabulous Sunday… for us in Canada we celebrate the first long weekend of the season in the form of Victoria day on Monday… 🙂


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