Why Daniel Craig refused $68 Million to NOT do James Bond

The planets have the answer. Daniel Craig is a perfect example of following your truth and showing the world that it isn’t all about the dough.

Daniel Craig, James Bond, astrology Tara Greene


His turn as James Bond has been the most successful of all the Bond Franchises. Are you a JAMES BOND fan? Who is your favorite Bond? Sean Connery? 
Daniel turned down SIXTY EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS to escape doing two more Bond films. He must have really hated it.
Daniel Craig is a PISCES born March 2, 1968 Chichester England no birth time

His SUN is at 11°56′ Pisces, remember that famous photo of him from Casino Royale, walking out of the ocean like Venus did?
His Moon at noon for a public figure would be 18°16′ Aries conjunct his NORTH NODE his highest spiritual goal at 19 degrees Aries which Pluto is now squaring and will continue to square in the next year. Look for Daniel to create produce or launch or helm something new which is meaningful to him.

Retrograde Mars will also cross his Natal Neptune at 26+ degrees of Scorpio over the next month. Also a sign of an ending, a “I give up the fight” meaning. 

JUPITER will conjunct his Natal PLUTO at 21+ degrees of VIRGO and then his URANUS at 27+ degrees VIRGO in August. This is a very rich rewarding time for Daniel in terms of his health and his sanity. Uranus in ARIES has been transiting in a quincunx to his Natal Pluto already. His soul needs have won out. 

With Neptune exactly on his SUN, he isn’t in it for the money. Plus SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is testing him with a reality check an JUPITER in VIRGO is keeping him humble and grounded. He’s rather sweat the small stuff. Neptune rules Hollywood, films, photography, glamour.

He would rather do projects which have a deeper meaning to him.

All of you who are born around March 2 PISCES and also SAGITTARIUS born around December 3rd and GEMINI born around June 2 and VIRGO born around September 4 YOU are also under the SPELL of NEPTUNE enchanting you and putting you in a fog, are you feeling confused? Neptune is waking your up, spiritualizing you. Booglarizing you baby as Captain Beefheart used to say.If you need guidance I am here to be your spiritual and planetary guide.

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You are not into material things these days. You are into Love, creativity, compassion, Oneness, creativity, Soul mates,communing, yoga, dreams, healing your wounds, needing to create boundaries, healing your addictions, delusions and illusions. Life is magical and bewildering. 

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