13, sacred Numberology of the Goddess

The Sacred Number 13, is the symbol of the Moon’s lunations in a year.

It is the Number of the Goddess, as woman=Moon=Womb.

goddess venus, Tara Greene astrology

There are 12 hours in a half day and the number 13 is the center. It is FRIDAY, Vendredi, Venus’s day, or Freya in the Viking Mythology. The Vesica Pisces is the symbol of the Yoni/ vulva/ vagina/sacred place of birth. That is why Catholic’s eat only fish on Friday’s. It is an ancient honoring of the Goddess as Venus.

Venus In Cancer

Today Venus the Goddess of BEAUTY, love creativity and art is in her Triumph in her home sign of Taurus and Bestowing Great Blessings of Planet Pluto Lord of DEATH and the Underworld in a Trine.

LOVE and DEATH, in LOVE we surrender and die to our ego’s to attain eternal life.

The Goddess is the one who governs birth and death and transformation ultimately. She is in a beneficial aspect with the Lord of the Unconscious, of wealth and power, and this is a grand day to release release release, to call upon Venus and to make way for allowing Beauty ease grace joy and abundance into your life. I have just completed an hour’s meditation. It feels wonderful and I dedicate this energy out to you.

The Venus Pluto Trine is exact at 7:20 pm PDT tonight.

Many Blessings

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