Trump Tower, name destiny by Tara Greene


Card # 16 Major Trump of The Tower in the Tarot.

Trump Tower, Tarot Cards, Tara Greene

TRUMP TOWER = # 16 Major Arcana The Tower in the Tarot.

The Card symbolizes a. the Tower of Babel, destroyed by God in the Bible for having the hubris to build so high. It’s all about the big ego, ME ME!  selfie! selfie! b. the lightning bolt shock of awakening, c. a sudden insight which destroys the old ego structure, a very necessary and important part of spiritual awakening.

The Tower is the Planet MARS = Men, War, defensiveness, aggression, passion, reckless actions, risk-taking, spontaneous combustion, macho, heroic method. Initiating, competitive, anger. It perfectly represents Mr. Trump.

As in 9/11 the symbol of the Tower was the Archetype that the U.S. lived, its energies perfectly embodied. When you live a Transpersonal life all the symbols are mirrors of the Collective Unconscious. of the World’s soul.

This card is associated with sudden, disruptive, chaotic, potentially destructive energy.  This is so literal. The card is a WAKE UP lightning blast.

As with all archetypal symbols they can be read in a positive or a negative meaning.

Is Mr. Trump as the TRUMP TOWER, the blast of lightning wake up call himself or is this a warning that America needs to wake up as its collective ego is about to topple?

and in a dualistic universe it means both.

This card gives real meaning to the term SHOCK AND AWE!


Are you going to vote for TRUMP?  Are you waking up?

Your feedback is very important so jump in.

PLease spread widely.

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The TOWER of SONG by Leonard Cohen

7 thoughts on “Trump Tower, name destiny by Tara Greene

  1. Hello Tara
    Very interesting. I think that Trump is the shock, the storm and thunder that will shock America and hopefully the world to wake up and to change their ways. Sometimes we need strong push to move out of our comfort zone. Change is not easy and some people more than others resist the change. They know that the status quo can’t be sustained but they still lack the courage to go for full change. The 2008 banks and economic slowdown wasn’t strong enough to make us demand and go for major changes. We lost momentum. So we need stronger shock to push those reluctant to change and demand collective change for the majority. Trump rise reminds me of Hitler no one wanted to believe the danger that man can bring. But he came after the great stock exchange of 1930 and during the Great Depression, spoke to the uneducated and polarised their fears and attached the Jews that lived for years in Germanyand contributed to its economical, cultural and social development. If you look there are lots of similarity here. I just hope that we will not have a Third World War.
    Thank you for all your blogs. I enjoy them.

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  2. Tara I am so thankful for your posts…I don’t always reply…but I send them to all that are caring about the world and all of us in it. (Including my American friends) Please stay healthy is all I can say.

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  3. I am not sure if my last comment went through Tara so I am sorry if I am repeating. I’m so grateful for your posts everyday. I don’t always comment, but I do share them with everyone is concerned about the world and universe and those that live in it in the now. (Of course all of my American friends especially) Please stay healthy is all I can say for the moment.


  4. I mean what are the choices here? We have Trump or Hillary. We already know what Hillary is all about and the guaranty that choosing her things will remain the same. With Trump at least there is a hope for change and perhaps much needed change. So the question is, do you want more of Obama -like leadership? If not, then you have the other alternative. I personally hate these comparisons of Trump to Hittler. We are not living in a Germany of 1940’s where people were unemployed and starving. We as people dont have that mindset today. I hate fanaticism and would never vote for a hater. I see Hillary though as a very evil person that i could never trust so if there is any evil it would be Hillary.


    • Hi Jc
      I have to disagree. I think Obama has been a great President and I have no idea why the Republicans have so much control in the U.S. and why those crazy bible belters have multiplied in ignorance and fear and get so much press. They are ignorant. I am always shocked that America is so racist, backwards, still in wild west thinking. That was in the 1860’s. Obama is extremely intelligent,and as flawed as the new Health care system is for some people it is certainly a step in the right direction. Most real first world countries have a social model which supports their citizens. IT brings more peace.
      The old model of what American was built on is old and outmoded. Americans dont understand they are not isolated in the world either. Given that no president has any real power to do very much these days as the corporations and the Federal Reserve and the secret cabals run everything. Trump is an idiot, an ignorant egotistical liar. A psychopath. Hillary is hated but she is still a Democrat not that they are perfect either. Bernie Sander is the only one on the may who is in touch with the times and the people. America needs to see itself from the rest of the world’s perspective. Astrologically the U.S. is disempowered for many many years. It has Mars Retrograde for another 65 years. America does tech stuff really well, if they used that in the service of good and not greed then they will continue to do well. The Republicans and the Tea Party are very much Hitlerian in their fascist outlook it is a matter of degree. Do some reading.


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