Cinco de Mayo, Bullfighting astrology by Tara Greene

bull fight, astrology Tara Greene tarot card reader
Commemorating battles and being in the midst of them is part of the Astrology energy today.
The  Warrior ARIES Moon conjuncts URANUS-
There will be adrenalin, chaos, rebelliousness and reckless energy about. Keep your eyes on the road.
It will be a difficult 5/5 day as TAURUS SUN inconjuncts SATURN in SAGITTARIUS
This is like a BULLFIGHT.
SATURN rules DEATH, karma, and he is the Matador. The Taurus Sun is the Golden Bull. This is an archetypal battle of the LIGHT, APOLLO, the SUN GOD, battling with the forces of resistance, death, obstacles, the dark, the ego, overly rigid realities, old structures.   I had to go look at pics of Bullfighters and Bulls and they are so disturbing, I like the ones where the bulls gore the matador.
I was taken to  Bullfight at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France located in the Camargue, near Arles, 40 years ago. I was thoroughly disgusted that the poor bull was killed it seemed so unfair.
 I didn’t realise until many years later the significance of the place. Gypsies pilgrimage here annually to honor Sarah the Black Madonna, and the relics of the three Mary’s are here, this is Mary Magdalene  and two other Mary’s who were the first to witness Jesus’s empty tomb, who arrived here with Joseph of Arimathea. Bob Dylan wrote the classic “One more cup of coffee before I go” at the gypsy festival in 1975 which was on his Desire album which I listened to over and over. 
Did I mention that all the retrogrades also enables old long-buried memories to surface?
SATURN RETROGRADE in SAGITTARIUS square Jupiter in VIRGO will be exact June 16/17
the Four agreement s of Don Miguel Ruiz. Toltec Wisdom Teacher. 
+ Venus inconjuncts Mars RETROGRADE in SAGITTARIUS  too @ 7:11 am PDT/ 10:11 am EDT
this is a very disagreeable, angsty situation.
A lot of repressed anger is being released with Mars RETROGRADE.
A friend of mine told me that she had had a dream where she was yelling and screaming at her family the other night which she has never done in reality. I said  “a lot of repressed anger is being touched off by the Mars Retrograde to be released now.” and then she said yes and Mars is on my Sagittarius MOON. And I laughed so hard.  It was one of the best laughs I’ve had in awhile. She knows something about astrology.  I said of course Mars conjunct your Moon, which is the unconscious childhood memories, feelings, the pre-birth experience, your mother. 
NOTE: If you have planets at 
15-0 SAGITTARIUS, GEMINI, VIRGO and PISCES you are in the most volatile zone as Mars, Saturn and Jupiter Retrograde with Neptune in Pisces are pushing, pulling and pummeling you to release the past karma, the illusions, the anger and embody your power and walk your talk.
SUN and VENUS are very stubborn and sure of their ground and won’t give an inch. Mars in Sagittarius has a lot of energy and will keep prodding and plunging a knife in deeper and deeper, like a matador finishing off a bull in a bull fight. Mars Retrograde won’t quit until it hits some “hot” spot.
It all happens in the wee hours and I would advise you to be safe indoors in your own home although arguments and stubborn obstinacy will prevail. You know how stubborn Taurus women are don’t you?
If you are out after midnight in EDT and GMT  be careful especially in bars, as people will be cruising for a bruising as they used to say in the 50’s.
Be super conscious not to offend anyone. 
Moon enters TAURUS  @ 10:10 am PDT/ 1:10 pm EDT 
More inconjuncts and jangled nerves as MOON and Mars do the inconjunct, staccato dance!
May be it would be best to literally dance this energy out in a TANGO! OLe! or get to the gym, exercise class, martial arts studio and throw that energy around releasing it from your body and harming none. 
Moon conjuncts VENUS 10:12 pm PDT /May 6 EDT/GMT
to mellow us out for a very very earthy sensual TAURUS NEW MOON. 
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One more cup of Coffee- Bob Dylan

2 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo, Bullfighting astrology by Tara Greene

  1. I’m with you on the bull fights, years ago I was fortunate enough 2x’s in two different countries to see bulls saved. What a delight. At the time I loved drinking the wine from those bags too, no more. I’m thinking of you in Sedona…..thank you for this work you do. blessings bbs


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