Protection of Archangel Michael, occult lunar transit

Sun. night April 10 is an excellent time to connect with Archangel MICHAEL as the Moon occults the bright STAR ALDEBARAN aka ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. This star, Alpha Tauri is an orange giant star located about 65 light years away. It ‘s the brightest star in the Constellation of Taurus, Tropical Gemini. The name Aldebaran is Arabic  and means “the Follower”, probably because it rises near to and soon after the Pleiades, the famed worshipped, Seven Sisters.  ArchAngel Michael is the protector and Watcher in the East.

angel Raphael, astronomy. Tara Greene

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL by Raffaelo Sanzio 1518

I would meditate on the waxing sliver of a crescent Moon as you won’t see Aldebaran as the moon will be eclipsing the red star. But the occultation makes for heightened intuitive connections. Archangel Michael carries the sword of protection to defend against demonic energies. If you feel you need protection on any level, simply send out your prayers and intentions to him. You can also send protective prayers to anyone else you wish, your loved ones, friends, strangers,animals or for all of the earth.

Michael is mentioned three times in the Ancient Book of Daniel in the Old Testament.  Michael is also revered by Muslims. In the New Testament,  Michael leads God’s armies against Satan or Samael’s or planet SATURN’s forces in the Book of Revelations, where in the War in Heaven Michael defeats the Prince of Darkness or the split off ego.  Christian sanctuaries to Michael appeared in the 4th century, when he was first seen as a healing angel, and then over time as a protector and the leader of the army of God against the forces of evil. By the 6th century, devotions to Archangel Michael were widespread both Eastern and Western Churches. 

I will be sending my prayers and intentions to Michael. 

We may need all the protection we can get these days. 

Please share widely so that more people can become aware.

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Clearing and Shielding with Archangel Michael by Doreen Virtue 

Blessings of the Angels- Lisa Thiel

6 thoughts on “Protection of Archangel Michael, occult lunar transit

  1. Your going to find out that everyone is a divine aspect of god.mother and father.your eyes are gods eyes. Its up to each individual soul. Take no sides . Thought and words are binding in these times. Beware of karma issue’s from thoughts words deeds. Hurt no one.everyone is a star but some stars shine more brightly then others. Last chance for everyone to align soul with god. Highest aspect is thought if you consider yourself a shining star. If your part of a religious group and think your the light and have considered yourself above others chances are your going to fail . Its all about you. Family friends and work are all karma. Choose wisely.


  2. Dear Tara, Thanks so much for including Doreen Virtue’s guided meditation, “Clearing and Shielding with Archangel Michael”. I’ve received hundreds of right-on messages and many miracles working with Doreen’s “Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards”. This is the best of Doreen’s card-decks containing divinely-inspired messages. The cards turn one’s thoughts from the mundane and connect to the etherial plane, for instantaneous resolution. Just musing on the word “divinely”, as in divination, which is what you do. I read your blog daily and am thankful for your in-depth knowledge, insights and offerings.


    • Thank you Kathy, there is a funny back story to Doreen Virtue for me that day. I had never really listened to her meditations. She sound like a trained minister. I liked her energy and have more respect for her. She seems to be turning out overly commercialized decks, Her Angel Tarot deck was routinely panned by all serious Tarot academics. Now she has a new “Fairyology” certification course. That seems way too fluffy and overly commercialized to me. IT is a business model applied to selling more stuff. I know these things open people’s imaginations up somewhat but this type of ability to see into the realms of the Fay especially cannot be packaged and sold. Besides the Fay and not little DISNEY fairies of light at all. They are tricksters. If someone thinks they are certified to be an expert on “whateverology” just like that I am afraid they are in fairyland. Too much light is dangerous, there needs to be some shadow work here. Yes Divination is connecting to the DIVINE. That is why the churches discouraged it. If every person has their own ability to connect with the Divine then the church can’t control them and tell them what to do. It is so obvious. Blessings TARA


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