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I found April Fools to have very wacky energies. Did you?

 AQUARIUS LUNAR energy keeps things light airy and detached all weekend. Good weather to let your mind ride free, your hair hang loose and your imagination soar, get on your broomsticks. 


3 of swords

Tarot Card reading Tara Greene

Wheel of the Year Tarot 

The Tarot cards are always mirroring what one is feeling. I was feeling very frustrated from a number of things that happened today. My google+ page went missing from Goggle, seemed they were having their own April Fool’s energy. It got fixed but it was strange.

I am trying to book a flight and have been looking for days and prices keep changing and i can’t seem to get what I want. That is unusual. I am also annoyed  because someone has reneged on me who I paid  upfront before hand to rebuild my website, it has taken me a long time for me to figure out what I want. She is now saying she is charging three times more and giving me some song and dance and that makes me really annoyed and refusing to do any work. I am shocked. I always honor promises I have made no matter how long ago they were made.  There seems to be obstacles, things don’t seem to be flowing as they usually are. That’s Saturn stuff….

With all this Aquarius energy your mind and energy will be racy. There is  only ONE quincunx to Jupiter later this evening PDT it’s all smooth sextiles all day. 


I like this 3 of cups cards because we are in an AIR SIGN lunar energy and the birds are airy beings. They keep popping up in the conversations lately. There are two types of owls and a raven or crow all-wise, shamanic witchy birds which would be their familiars, like Harry Potter’s Hedwig. 

The card shows the birds overseeing the desolate landscape. They have the power to fly away and visit other terrain. Use the three totem animals as your animal guides, Speak to them and they will guide you. Just call Raven bringer of magic, or Owl who sees in all directions, two owls will give different information. 

This card is usually shown as a heart with three swords piercing it. A very sad-looking image. I prefer this one as it gives that AIRY detached bird’s-eye view where we can breathe the big picture and not let life’s temporary set-backs and challenges get us down. It’s Saturn Jupiter square dance time you know. The energy wants to gather in groups, find our tribe, coven, join in a revolutionary change advocacy group, hack away or just watch the parade. 

I am feeling really exhausted lately and it may be the weather here in Toronto its been cold.  I need help with some SEO on my website. If anyone is able to advise me I’d be very happy.

This card seems to depict the energy which seems very skewed these day. Skewed is like those three swords, skewers. Too much mental conflict.  Relax, try to let go.  Let me know how this is all feeling for you. 

I gotta get some beauty sleep. Please share widely

all writing is copyright of TAra Greene

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