Easter Holiday weekend Astrology preview

HAPPY EASTER, the ancient Pagan fertility festival called OESTRE.  The symbols of rabbits and eggs are very ancient. To all Christians this is the second most important holiday in the year. 

VENUS Goddess of Love, desire romance and beauty is in PISCES  where she is exalted in the most spiritual of  signs and she is opposite JUPITER in VIRGO for a divine LOVE balance @ 16+ degrees

nature lovers, Horoscope Tara Greene

Jupiter in VIRGO is the joy of expanding our sense of adventure about being in the earth realm, being in the body, enjoying health, nature and simple pleasures.

Blissed out an in your body. Natural loving. That’s’ what this is energy is all about. 


check out where the LOVE GODDESS and the HEAD HONCHO are TANGO-ING away in  your natal chart. 

Jupiter rules adventure and the sign of PISCES and SAGITTARIUS.

Venus wants to get serious real quick.  She seduces a more mature lover as she  squares SATURN in SAGITTARIUS.  Some older cowboy tickles her fancy and she rides off in to the sunset with him? 

Or VENUS and JUPITER form a THREESOME with SATURN and escape for a big adventure. 

Better even than Pee-Wee’s. Not better, but different. 

Either way or maybe all of the ways, Venus square Saturn in SAGITTARIUS are planning a road trip, a gypsy camper adventure , hitting the road, and just plain telling it like it is. Be honest with your lover now. 

Moon enters INTENSE obsessive SCORPIO, appropriate for EASTER the symbol of death and rebirth so prepare for a roller coaster weekend. 


VERY UPBEAT POSITIVE FIRE Trine from the SUN to MARS in SAGITTTARIUS  on Sat. @ 3:33 am

this is a big passionate fun adventure travel risk taking, spontaneous energy. Do be careful with anything dangerous or to do with fire hazards. 


-this is like PERSEPHONE and HADES having a light meet up hangout. Under a SCORPIO Moon , Pluto’s rulership, this energy allows you to;

1.love what you fear,2.  open to your own shadows. It’s very very enriching in the wee hours of Saturday.

An awkward quincunx or two from Moon to SUN and SCORPION Moon to MERCURY 

don’t try to sway anyone to your POV. 

Actually there are many very beneficial WATER TRINES all weekend 

SCORPIO MOON to NEPTUNE on Saturday deep mysterious mystical sex and deep unconscious soul dreams.

This also makes us feel charitable. Is there some cause or those who could benefit who have less. Donate to refugee organizations, orphanages, or women’s shelters.

MOON SExtiles JUPITER and PLUTO a nice water and earth BALANCE

this is beneficial for all earth and water signs. See enrichment in things with depth, substance. KNow that life is always about birth and death the overall symbol of this EASTER weekend.

ponder what you are really making of your one precious life. 


I will be celebrating Easter with my husband, or daughter, my son Elijah and his  girlfriend and our Brazilian Student and doing an Easter egg hunt and being a bit quieter.

Is there something you;d like me to write about?

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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9 thoughts on “Easter Holiday weekend Astrology preview

  1. Dearest Tara, I was compelled to tell you my story. I was looking after my Mother for a year and a half in her home in palliative care. It was close to Easter and weather was very rainy. I had someone from CCAC coming to stay with Mum for 4 hours in the afternoon so I decided to go to a movie with my husband. Early that morning Mum was watching TV and noticed an image of a turquoise butterfly on some ceramics and she mentioned to me that her father had once given her a butterfly brooch when she was a child. I was getting ready to go out and I wore turquoise in keeping with Mum’s story. We decided to see the movie Heaven is Real. Halfway through the film there are turquoise morpho butterflies…one had zoomed close up to the screen. I simply said out loud “Ok, I see you”. My husband had no idea of course what that was all about. After the film we raced to the drug store as I need to get some things and we had to get back to relieve my Mum’s caretaker. I recalled that Mum had admired a watch that I had with a white wrist band so as I walked near the carousel of cheapy watches. I searched and found a small watch with a white band. Perfect! As I looked closer at the face of the watch…there was a turquoise butterfly. The story does go on from there with more images that same day and I would love to tell you in person when I meet you. The message I received that day was one of elation. I was where I was supposed to be in the universe. Tremendous love is all around us hidden in plain view. Do you have a particular insight into the symbolism of the Morpho Butterfly that you can share? yours forever true, Sheila


    • thank you for sharing this Lovely story Sheila. Butterflies are very powerful symbols of transformation. They symbolize the soul and are rerveered by Aztec, Inkan, Asian, Native American and Ancient Greek cultures. IN ancient Greek mythology Psyche which literally translates to mean “soul” is represented in the form of a butterfly. The beautiful blue morpho butterfly’s wings reflect the sky and they stay at the top of the forest canopy. They fly in a way that the brilliant blur coloring is not seen to give them stealth. But when threatened the blue morpho flashes its blue reflective wings to blind predators, such as young jaguars. I have not yet seen these gorgeous large blue butterflies myself, but as they inhabit the South American countries where the powerful hallucinogenic psychotropic indigenous plants which create ayahuasca I would say that this butterfly is a transcendent symbol. The color blue is related to soul qualities and higher consciousness. Nice story thank you


      • Thanks Tara for getting back to me on my butterfly story. Now I will tell you the rest of it. Coming back to Mumz I was walking 2 inches above the ground!!! Eager to give her the gift and to relay the messages. I walked into the kitchen to speak to my husband…I ‘m still elated of course, and as I was looking at him there was a morpho butterfly on his shoulder. Mum had a magnetic butterfly on the side of her fridge and to my eye it was on Shem’s shoulder. I have another very spiritual story to tell you on the day Mum died….may I tell it another time? Thank you for your love and grace. Sheila


      • Well…..this was very special. For the entire time of caring for Mum I was never sure , of course, when she would pass. I prayed that I would be there.💜 at that moment and not just wake up and have her gone. My sister was with us on that day and the both of us were sharing a cup of tea on the balcony of Mumz lovely roomy condo. The sun was just coming over the top of the building as we were facing west. Looking out I spotted a beautiful red tailed hawk flying in out of the rays of sun. I know that nature shows us signs, but although I felt the message I didn’t relay it to Louise. Mumz breathing had changed that day and even still I didn’t really click. Mum did pass at 6pm that evening and Louise and I both were able to tell her how much she was loved by so many and that it was ok to go. Looking into Rachel’s eyes was like looking into the universe before she closed them for the final time. Two days later I was on the balcony and saw 2 hawks circling and I watch them fly together into the distance. My mother was a twin you see, she never met Ann as she had died as a baby. That morning I felt that the two souls had met again.


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