Leap Day, Donald Trump

Special Leap Day today, a kind of day out of time. A once every four years extra day to balance out the crazy Gregorian Calendar we live by. Traditionally its a day for women to be aggressive and ask men to marry them.  My husband and I began our relationship 20 years ago on Feb 29 so we are celebrating our 5th year together. 

Feb. 29th is an intense and powerful day to focus your desires with your will power or orende as the Naguals call it and create from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ‪#‎chakras‬ as the SCORPIO Moon conjuncts MARS at 27+ degrees. This is a very obsessive, sexy, emotional, powerful, transformative energy. Release everything that has been holding you back.

Note this degree is square to REGULUS’s traditional degree the sign of KINGS and is why Donald Trump is getting very hot flack as his Natal Mars is 27 degrees LEO.  

Just a thought here. The Universe always speaks  in puns. Donald Trump’s name means a Trumpet or Triumph. The TRUMP cards of the Tarot is from one of the original names of the card game of Triumphs.

The Angel Gabriel is the one who blows the TRUMPET or the whistle on JUDGEMENT DAY. He is the announcing Angel and is connected to the Fixed Star Fomalhaut at 4 degrees PISCES in Tropical Zodiac.  I am not a Bible thumping Apocalypse person at all.  Gabriel is traditionally shown on the Card #20 called JUDGEMENT and named THE AEON or New Age in the THOTH tarot


#20 Judgement Tarot. Tara Greene

The Ansata Tarot. #20 The Trumpet or Triumph/Trump of Gabriel 

This card coming after #19 THE SUN, the LIGHT is the bringing back to life of all the righteous dead.

It is a card of RESURRECTION. It is  a grand, bold blaring you can’t miss it WAKE UP CALL! Gabriel as whistle-blower or the canary in the coal mine is another way of accessing this card’s meaning. 

Think of the BUGLE playing Taps to wake up soldiers. You could think of it as the Ride of the Valkyries, which reminds me of that famous scene in APOCALYPSE NOW. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Or just simply wake up America and smell the coffee, and the stink water in Flint Michigan, and the thousands of pounds of chemicals from antidepressants and antibiotics and hormones peed out into the water which ends up recycled back into your ice-cube tray. 

The Valkyries are female messengers of the Nordic god Odin,who are  supernatural figures associated with fate, who ride into battle on their flying horses and take the souls of dead soldiers to Valhalla or Heaven. A kind of reverse energy of Judgment Day. 

This TRUMPet sound heralds  a change, a decision, something is happening here. Something big is happening. 

Donald is acting as the Trumpet sound, he is the messenger. Not necessarily the medium. 

I wish the TRUMPET was Louis Armstrong playing “It’s A Wonderful World” or is it Miles Davis playing “Bitches Brew.” – the Bitches’ Brew is in the next article about ERIS, Goddess of Discord and LILITH and the Grand Cardinal Cross with these witches involved. 

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