Pisces, water,Hot stuff, party weekend.

Feb 19 It;s a very watery day with Sun and Moon in ocean elements. The day is Void until the evening followed by a FIRED UP Weekend .

Sun is in PISCES in EDT and GMT today Feb 19

Cancer moon trines CHIRON –

you will be feeling vulnerable and over sensitive. 

Emotions pour down like a waterfall. It’s ok crying is good and cleansing. 

Moon sextiles JUPITER IN VIRGO-

its a good day to start cleaning up for the Full Moon in Virgo on Monday


If you’ve wanted to dig deeper into dark emotional shadows than this is the energy to work with. Remember MARS is in SCORPIO and feelings of frustration about not being in control, of vengeance, and ruthlessness abound.  let off some steam in healthy ways. Bottled up deep emotions will explode uncontrollably if you don’t vent them in little bits. 

Moon goes VOID OF COURSE @ 6:36 am PST/ 9:36 am EST/ 2:36 pm UT

So the whole day is a laid back out of time affair. 

Moon enters Firy HOT LEO with a BANG at 6:17 pm PST/ 9:17 pm EST/ 2:17 am UT next day

TIME TO PARTY!!!!! Get out there and boogie down. 

Proud Leo MOON and Pisces SUN energies don’t compute as an inconjunct appears in the later eve. You maybe feeling overwhelmed, like a little fish in a big lions den. Keep swimming and praying.

BE CAREFUL of overdoing the drinking at PISCES TIME- YOUR perception is off.

The LEO energy heats up the entire weekend. Swagger, bling, dance, show-off be big-hearted.  Enjoy the drama. Big ego’s come out to play. Leo also has a lovely child like energy, play with your inner child, be with family. Show them you love them,

Blessings, TARA

PLease share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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RAIN the Beatles 1966 remastered 


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