March preview, the God/dess lives within

Time is speeding along here. Wednesday Feb 17 after a difficult Moon/Mars inconjunct in the early a.m. which would have spiders roaming through your unconscious fears or other scary monsters. 

An AIR TRINE is just what the Dr. ordered to brighten your day. Moon/SUN 120 degree aspects looks Sunny side up. 

Moon goes VOID OF COURSE from 8:37 am PST until —3 hours of twilight zoning.

Moon enters CANCER its home sign @ 11:24 am PDT/2:24 pm EDT 

the tears flow, the stomach rules, it’s all sentimental, Mom, family issues, home, emotional security. 

I will be on my accupuncturist’s table meditating at this time.

Cancerian o so sensitive feelings Moon is slapped upside the head by both VENUS and then MERCURY in AQUARIUS late evening PST/Feb 18th 12;26 am EST. 

This is the last day of AQUARIUS for the SUN for an entire year. 

we will be wading deeply into spiritual dreamy compassionate all forgiving Blissed out holographic higher consciousness PISCES soon enuf. 

By the March 8/9 SOLAR ECLIPSE

we will have Mercury, Neptune, Ceres, Moon and Sun, Chiron and the SOuTH NODE in PISCES. That’s 7 PISCEAN placements. Anyone having children born at that time will have super spiritual, creative, dreamer, psychic, super INDIGO babies. 

Inspirational Card of the day 

spiritual air trine Tara Greene

Image by Luke Brown 

Not a Tarot card but a beautiful image of an Air trine to me with Tibetan Dorges- symbols of Lightning.  The Egyptian Goddess Nuit of the COSMIC mother who arches over the Night sky, her body, the stars, keeps whispering in my ears.

May you stay open to your higher self in these very tense and heavy times. 

We can easily see the Saturn in Sagittarius vs Jupiter in VIRGO energies opposite Neptune in PISCES mirrored in the U.S. election. 

Bernie Sanders is SATURN the SENIOR in honest SAGITTARIUS, fighting the establishment, telling it like it is. 

NEPTUNE IN PISCES is Donald TRUMP, all glamour, Media-savvy, chameleon-like changing to whatever the crowd wants. The shadow of Pisces- cut off, us vs. them. 

JUPITER IN VIRGO is Hilary Clinton, feminine, hard-working, her shadow side- , indiscriminate, greedy, entitled. 


Many people are feeling depressed. There’s a SATURN JUPITER NEPTUNE T-square happening which gets tighter on the SOLAR ECLIPSE MARCH 8/9 and which will be exact on March 23rd Lunar Eclipse at 16 degrees SAGITTARIUS/VIRGO- check out there those two degrees fall in your natal charts.

This is the heavy reality versus the ESCAPE from REALITY/L.A./New York/ your life reality. Addicted to the Net? The Bachelor? Porn? your phone? All addictions designed to take you away from your center where the God/Dess lives. 

Stay centered my friends and listen up.As we move into Pisces Feb. 18 it will be easier to access your natural intuitive, 6th sense, psychic Spiritual energy but also easy to get lost, in the dream, in unreality, and projections. 

MArk those dates. The Spring Equinox will be very popular and that three day gateway very strong. 

Blessings to you

PLease share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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I won’t let you down- OK GO 

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