Free Love, Venus in Aquarius

A revolution is starting in your love life with Venus in Aquarius.  Feb. 16 -March 12 16.Free Love!

Venus in Aquarius from Amor Sexus tumblr tara Greene

Free Love is what Venus in the Airwaves sign is all about. WOMEN free yourself up from needing to be dependent on a man to feel good about yourself. Women are the  Goddesses and the Hive. Yuo got the honey honey, the bees will buzz over to you.

Aquarius’ symbol is two electric currents, so be prepared for getting Enlightened about LOVE.

Are you ready to get experienced?  Wake up to a Higher consciousness about romance and being free in love and not chained and bound. If you love somebody, set them free as Sting sang. 

Venus rules women, your passion, values, dollars,

So fall in love with a revolutionary new cause, BERNIE SANDERS…
You can be detached about love these days and examine your emotions without being engulfed and overwhelmed by them even though MARS in is SCORPIO. You may choose to walk away from relationships that are too emotionally smothering  or just to draining and dramatic. Who needs it?
AQUARIUS Venusian energy is about EMOTIONAL FREEDOM.

Try EFT Emotional Freedom Technique or TAPPING to free yourself from old emotional habits. 

Fixed AIR SIGN Aquarius loves groups. Love the one you’re with. Love a person for their mind and  intelligence first. 

Venus in Aquarius LOVES to be a nerdy TECHIE and wants all the latest gadgets and to know.. 
Venus in Aquarius always marches to her own drummer, never follows fashion trends.
OPRAH WINFREY  who has innovated higher consciousness through her spiritual teachings and TV show,
Yoko ONO, Simone de Beauvoir, who helped birth the Feminist movement,
ELLEN DEGENERES- one of the first women to come out publicly as gay
Taylor SWIFT, Sheryl Crow, Kate Middleton, Nina Hagen, the original LADY GAGA, 

Marlene Dietrich- who wore the pants,

Aquarius is the Symbol  of the Tarot Trump -THE STAR  # 17
the star Tara Greene  Tarot Astrology
and is connected with WISHING ON A STAR.
If you are feeling down and depressed, especially after Valentine’s day. remember that Saturn and Neptune are in a square aspect to each other all of this year with peaks times forming mi-June and September.
Especially when the Moon or Planets are in Gemini and Virgo, this creates Grand squares and further trigger these energies sharpness and we feel the sharp blade plunge harder. 

Neptune is illusion, fantasy and dreams, and Saturn is smelling the coffee, having to clean the shit in real-time, pay the bills.  Saturn shakes your faith in everything. Saturn is cold hard fear and Neptune is Blissed out Bliss. Alternating currents, manic-depressive, now called  bi-polar. But knowing  that you are bouncing between the waves of hope or the troughs of despair you have a life-jacket and your heart is strong and you can choose to turn on the fog-lights and find your way to a safe shore.


Meditate on the WISH FULFILLING STAR of HOPE. 

It’s also very relevant to have VENUS in Aquarius to commemorate  suffragette’s, Women leaders and forwards thinkers. Like Susan B. Anthony who was an Aquarius born Feb 15, Susan Brownmiller also born Feb 15, Bette Friedan born Feb 4, Germaine Greer born Jan 29 and Virginia Woolf born Jan 25.

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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