Inspirational Daily Card, a rant

2/11 is a very LITE day astrologically. Moon enters Aries in the a.m. and that’s about it.

So take a breather, we are starting a new round in Aries, things will be more intense on Friday. 


Mercury leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius on the 13th until March 5. 

Mercury expands communicates to a HIGHER LEVEL in Aquarius its HIGHER OCTAVE SIGN

this benefits anyone with a progressive, revolutionary, higher consciousness, inclusive agenda to work together for the benefit of all. I wonder who that could be?

We are already ankle deep in the Age of Aquarius. Rights for disabled, LGBT, gay marriages, the end of racism, sexism, and being unconscious is over. Those old-fashioned Leo {opposite to Aquarius} ego driven ” its all about me,” us against them, the 1% royalty mind-set is old and outdated. We are all dependent on each other and we need to see ourselves from a Higher Perspective as a family of brother and sisters beyond any belief systems such as religion.  

Yes we could go into the Dark Ages again and have that 1% take over the entire world as a New World Order and create a Fascist slave world, they are also inches from that as well. But that would spell the end of humanity. It’s a pretty big price to pay.  

You have a choice, forget stupid nonsense like Kardashians, gossip, consumerism, sports, porn, escapism and learn something about how the world works. It’s not President Obama’s fault for the state of America’s economy it is the state of the World. To have all that cheap crap you sold out to China. There are consequences. America is not the most powerful country in the world anymore. You are outnumbered by many other nations China and India. Yes Americans are inventors and cultural leaders and they may hang onto some power that way. You cannot go back into a sentimental overly patriotic view of the world. Americans don’t see who they are from any other perspective. In Europe the EU is a pact, a group. they must work together. America is setting up NAFTA and TPP but that is only to bully other countries around. Terrorists are a world-wide issue. They and whoever is backing them hate everything western and non- muslim and are in a devolution state. The world has to come clean now. 

My Canadian friend living in New York was saying she doesn’t think a Democrat will be elected. She thinks everyone hates what Obama has done. I am always so shocked when I am in the U.S. to see that idiotic brainwashing show Fox news. I can’t believe its even allowed to broadcast such ignorance but it does.I am more shocked that people believe their brainwashing. The Media is all controlled by the few. You have to be willing to dig behind every issue yourself to discover truth. NOW THAT IS ENTERTAINMENT and EDUCATION. That’s the gift of the Internet. It puts the power back in the people’s hands. Watch BBC news to get a view on the world. 

America is very backwards in its standards of living. You rank way down in quality of life and safe births. It is very antiquated with social medicine and paid leave for mothers for a year and fathers for a while as well. It is not a country that believes in families unless this is provided for. It’s still a big player in the world and its responsible also to the rest of the world. If you devolve now you will create more trouble. Obama inherited the mortgage meltdown which was created by President Clinton deregulated banks and derivatives. Wall Street and the CEO’S continue to make millions and billions and were bailed out with taxpayers money. The revolution should have started then but everyone was still asleep. Obama himself is a puppet of the Corporations who already hold all the power. Your only hope for growth is to elect Bernie Sanders who is truly being backed by the people and for the people. That’s what your constitution is supposed to be about. Isn’t it? It isn’t and its in danger. America is soon to have its reckoning. 

Mars sextiles Jupiter on the 13th too a nice scourging cleanse. 

and then its Valentines day a nice sensual one with the Moon in Taurus. 

will give you that low down later. 

I’m thinking about the big Eclipse March 8th International Women’s Day in EST and PST is March 9th in GMT

Card of the Day 

3 of pentacles/disks Tarot Tara Greene

3 of Pentacles/ disks Metamorphosis Tarot

The three’s are Feminine, the YONI, the Triple Goddess, the Empress. The are related to physical birthing, creating, nurturing, sweating, laboring, work. Pleasant DIY handcrafted work, women’s work, working the earth, the dough, the clay, the body.  Increase in energy.

Visualize yourself being strong balanced beautiful and creative in everything you do. 

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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2 thoughts on “Inspirational Daily Card, a rant

  1. Love your posts when you stick to tarot and astrology but please leave your politics out of it. When can form our own opinions about our president.


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