Feel the Bern, Sanders Astrology, by Tara Greene

There are 100 of thousands of Asteroids and there is one named Bernie. I believe in Hermetic Wisdom, As above, so below. So I thought I’d look into how this Asteroid configured into Bernie Sanders popularity these days.

Bernie Sanders Astrology Tara Greene

 ASTEROID BERNIE #7149  is currently at 5 degrees PISCES Feb 9 and conjunct to dwarf Planet CERES {Earth Mother} and Fixed Star Fomalhaut or Archangel GABRIEL.
This symbolizes Bernie Sanders mission as speaking for the compassionate ideal, healthcare for everyone, sharing assets, and resources, much more spiritual values, the dream of we are all One. He is acting as an announcing angel. Archangel Gabriel who blows the Trumpet on Judgement Day. Just a thought.. I’m not an apocalypse person. 

Bernie Sanders is totally aligned with what people want. How could he lose when transiting Jupiter {expansion optimism,faith} and the North Node are exactly on his Natal North Node at 22 degrees Virgo in his 10th house of worldly fame and career peak!

URANUS the planet of Revolution, freedom, Higher consciousness and change is on Bernie’s Natal Moon at 19 degrees ARIES. The Moon is your instincts, feelings, how he nurtures, what feeds him.
He is the living breathing feelings and emotions of this new Revolution. This guy has tons of energy as an Aries,and Uranus -expect the unexpected is also transiting opposite his Natal Venus at 22 degrees Libra. He is a natural go-between arbiter, ambassador. Women love him.
Yes, he should have better fashion sense but he is a down to earth Virgo. More about Bernie later.

PLease share wisely 

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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