Inspirational Daily Card for this hot mess

Feb 6 things are so intense out there today and yesterday I felt you need a card of the day for this hot mess.

Daily Inspirational Card

King of Swords Tara Greene Tarot


The King is Maturity and Swords are the mind. With maturity and training we have discipline.  The  King of Swords is GEMINI, The degrees this card covers is opposite to wear planet Saturn is, the planet that’s all over discipline.

The opposites balance each other out. 

Use all of your strength and power to discipline your mind. In this hectic, frenetic, powerful, volcanic explosive energy, stay focussed on a single point of Light. The Light is the Goal, the origin, the end. 

The Sun is in AQUARIUS and the only “planet”  along with Asteroid Athena who was the only Goddess to be born from her father Zeus’s head, also a MENTAL empowered goddess occupying and breathing any air these days.

OK Over and out. I do believe all I do is write all of this for myself as I am the one who needs to heed my own advice. But I love you all.

Blessings TARA

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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11 thoughts on “Inspirational Daily Card for this hot mess

  1. I follow you on a daily basis, and I take your wisdom to heart time and time again. You help me to “see” so much more in my life and upon my path, and your wisdom enriches the beauty I am experiencing in this lifetime. As for today and this inspirational card and your wisdom…I am an Aquarius Moon, and I “felt” this aspect this morning, as I looked to the east and saw the waning crescent moon and the morning star just above the horizon and just before dawn. I’ve been feeling all of the explosive energies in my life, and I am grateful to be balanced by wisdom and Air. I do look forward to the knowledge you share and will never be satiated in that, either. Thank you, Tara, for enriching my life.


  2. Your words and their meanings touch many! Thank you Tara. I was pondering your earlier thoughts on Hillary Clinton, and with them I agree, but I had a thought to add. As the long suffereing wife of philandering yet brilliant Bill, I always considered her a Juno/Hera type. And as a women myself, who has had to play the mans game and play it better to compete, I feel a sense of misrepresentation about her true motives. I connect to her as someone trying to get to the top of the heap carefully & cautiously, because of the ever present mysogyny trying to derail her. And perhaps her misrepresentation will occur after she wins and lets loose her own Lilith to create sweeping changes for women and girls iconically and literally, and to start the swing away from patriarchy. I share a late degree Pisces moon with Hillary, which could account for my views…. Just my thought : )


    • hi Meg very nice thought. Of course I dont want to come on as an anti-feminist but I don’t like Hilary and the Clinton’s Wall street corporate connections. It would be nice if Hilary let loose her own Lilith energy and it is part of her mandate or should i saw womandate to help support women’s rights that is great.
      PIsces Moon is a bit of chameleon and Hilary and you can shape shift to be agreeable to whichever side they are with. Also very spiritual and could be in denial, not seeing what is really going on. Women in power are usually tougher than men, Margaret Thatcher, comes to mind. It is the nature of politics and power. If one is spiritually centered and there to truly serve the people then it can be fine.


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