Take time, Saturday Horoscope

Another Moon VOID-of-Course MOON day Saturday January 30th all day from late Friday Jan 29th @ 8:50 pm PST until late Saturday evening when the Moon enters deeply emotional moody Scorpio @ 7:50 pm PST/ 10:50 pm EST / Jan 31 @ 3:50 am UT.
The UNIVERSE is telling us to take an emotional time out. Do you hear this all you BUSY people?
Did you know that the quality of busy in Chinese comes from two characters one for the Heart and one for “kill”. How does that resonate with you?  I find that fascinating.
The Mood is detached all Saturday and is best used to rest, do mundane things and REFLECT a rather ancient concept these days. The very nature of the moon is to reflect.  Feminine energy is on her own time.
This is like the Goddess Diana taking a ritual bath to renew her Virginity so she can be whole and complete unto herself again. Give yourself a ritual moon bath with Himalayan salts, lavender oils, rose petals and indulge yourself Goddesses. 
Time out, Astrology Tara Greene Goddess
This is especially important for Cancer’s, Pisces, and Libra to step back and ask yourself “What do I need?” Not an easy thing for nurturing,” I need to be needed” signs. Reflect on how co-dependent your relationships are. Scorpio also can use a break to emotionally detach before the moon draws its energy from your sign. 
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo,Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius all need to step back and see the bigger picture.
The Moon will enter deep intense SCORPIO @ 7:50 pm Jan 30 PST/ 10:50 pm EST
Scorpio runs deep and the aspects are a bit heavy tomorrow as Mercury squares Uranus at 17+ degrees Capricorn/Aries. A great day for brilliant ideas, creative out of the box thinking and freedom. Shake of the shackles that are holding you back. 
PLease share widely , all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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