Water Trine, Cancer Moon, Daily Inspiration

It’s a month since Winter Solstice already. Imbolc is coming soon. The wheel of the year is turning. 

Jan 21 Gemini Moon opposes Venus in Sagittarius @ 3:01 am EDT
This aspect spurs lots of curious conversations and opposing serious viewpoints in politics, love,values, adventures, philosophy, maturity and what kind of jokes you find funny. Serious wagers may be debated too. Galloping off on a new adventure, begin to make plans now.
Moon goes Void Of Course at that time then enters her home sign of Cancer @ 5:28 am PDT/8:28 am EDT

An akward inconjunct with the SUn early in the day may mean fritzing technology and feeling being easily hurt. 

Moon makes a GRAND WATER TRINE  a Merkabah a sixpointed star formation

Cancer Moon to Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio 

An emotional soup du jour.  Enjoy this today as things will be much more intense on Friday and we are already feeling the Full Moon in Leo which has a fated tinge to it. Will write about that later. Just wrote my Full Moon meditation for CIA. 


KALI, Tarot, Tara Greene

Haindl Tarot

Looks like that LEO full Moon energy is already present. This Queen of Wands card blows me away. This deck was so ahead of its time. KALI is the Goddess of ego death and we need her energy now more than any other goddess. 

She is traditionally shown wearing a necklace of bloody shrunken skulls dancing on her consort, eating his intestines, She is black as night, as the void. She is like the Black Madonna. She is extremely ruthless in cutting out the ego. She dances in cemeteries and teaches about transcending death. All Goddess had a birth giving and death bringing aspect. That is obviously in balance. 

We have been seeing many celebrity deaths over the last week. We can ask Kali to teach us about death and transformation. KALI is really awe-inspiring and you must approach her with great respect because she is so powerful and fierce. 

Call upon Kali and the Queen of Wands to bring you courage in your heart, to be passionate about what your heart knows is right. To burn away your ego illusions in order to be free. This is what I just wrote the Full Moon in Leo is about. 



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